Organize your thoughts with Transno

2년 전

I did came across this interesting note app not quite long. This is an application with new and exquisite features. It's features are quite unique and different from other note app I have seen before.


The name of this note app is called Transno. Transno is a note application that allows you come up with organising your words by mind-mapping.

It allows you to see the mind map structure of a note when you write a headline, sub-headline and bullet items in that note. This in turn make your thoughts looks more organized and clearly written. Others get to understand it even better.

Check out this app using the link below

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This is lovely. Thanks for sharing

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And this sounds new to me now. I probably haven't seen something unique as this before. Awesome

Nice app to get my thoughts clear. Let me check out how this works.

The besst note app out there

Nice app

I downloaded it and found it to be effective.