Choosing Your Corner Of The World

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The idea of being able to spend a small slice of each year in a place you love is something which a lot of people aspire to. Vacations don’t have to be something different every time to be enjoyable. Most people find that visiting a home away from home is one of the best ways to enjoy their time out of work. Of course, as a big part of this, you will have to choose where in the world you will be making your second home. To help you out, this post will go through four parts of the world and determine which one suits you best.

Sugarloaf Mountain View in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Americas

South America, The USA, and Canada are home to all manner of different landscapes and environments. Ranging from arid deserts to lush mountains and lakes, you have the chance to see loads of different natural wonders in a single day on a trip to this part of the world. Of course, though, you will have to do some research to find the things you’d like to see.

The costs of visiting this part of the world can vary a lot but will be in the low to middle end of the spectrum when compared to other countries. Food, drinks, and other essentials will be very cheap, but flights and property could be pricier. Thankfully, there are loads of places to choose from, enabling you to set a very strict budget.

Like the price of staying on this continent, the quality of life will also vary from place to place. In the poorer countries, it will be worth sticking to tourist-driven areas, as places which are rural could be a little more dangerous. The wealthier places in this area should be just fine, though, and you will be safe during your stay.



Unlike The Americas, Europe has very split apart, and a lot of the countries making it up are separated by the ocean. This has created a rich tapestry of different cultures throughout the regions, slowly building an array of different human-made landmarks and architectural styles. Along with this, you’ll also find loads of different types of landscape.

There are a lot of cities throughout Europe which represent the most expensive in the world, and this makes it one of the most pricey places to visit. If you go to the right place, the property you will be buying will be exceptionally well built. This ensures that it will last for a long time and that you won’t have to keep paying money for repairs.

Like the US, the quality of life varies a lot throughout Europe. The areas which suffer the worst, though, simply aren’t the sorts of regions which people will visit on vacation. If you stick to the popular cities and well-known towns, it should be easy to avoid anything you don’t like. Distribution of wealth in Europe is fairer than most of the world, creating a good environment for people from all walks of life.



Africa is heralded around the world as one of the most vibrant and welcoming continents you can visit. Being largely made up of plains, mountains, and deserts, this part of the world is usually nice and warm, providing a great place for those on vacation. This will give you the chance to see wildlife and plants not found anywhere else in the world.

Visiting Africa is one of the cheapest examples on this list. Unlike America or Europe, money goes incredibly far in places like this. You will be able to get your hands on a good property in a nice location, and it won’t cost you a small fortune. To make sure you get the very best for you money, it will be worth spending some time visiting similarly priced properties before you commit.

Unfortunately, while it is very cheap to live in Africa, it is also one of the hardest places for residents to make a good living. In some places, quality of life is extremely low, and this is often reflected in the way that wealthier people are received. You can travel Africa safely, but there are definitely areas which can be worth avoiding.



Finally, as the last area on this list, it’s time to think about the most mysterious continent of all; Asia. For those living in the West, it can be hard to imagine a life on this side of the world. With loads on offer, ranging from large cities to enormous forests, you have the pick of the litter when it comes to this corner of the globe. From China to Japan, there is truly a place for everyone.

This part of the world is fairly comparable to living in the US when it comes to the price you will have to pay. Over the last couple of decades properties Malaysia has gone up in value by a huge margin, and this has made it much easier to find options which meet your standards. Of course, as a big part of this, it could be worth getting some help from an estate agent before you buy.

You will find people ranging from impoverished farmers and villagers to super wealthy business experts in this part of the world. This variety exposes you to people from all walks of life and could make it hard to stay in some places. It will be worth considering this before you decide to buy in a country with a low average income.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your long-term vacation options. This sort of venture is a great way to ensure that you always have somewhere to go when you have time away from work. Saving money on hotels and giving you the chance to spend a long time away, this sort of route is good for anyone looking to invest. Of course, whenever you’re not staying there yourself, you can rent it out to someone else.


This article was originally published @ Always Wanderlust


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Greetings, adonisabril

I live in Brazil and I found the engraving that you have placed in Rio de Janeiro beautiful. I do not live in the state of Rio, but it's not that far from here. Around 3 to 4 hours by car, you arrive in this capital. The view is beautiful, however, to a violent city, with many assaults. It seems that the people there have got used to it.

From these images that you have placed, I choose the second one. I do not know where it is, but this street with these houses is very cute. The nature that exists between them with the little plants brings an immense peace. It's a place I'd like to visit.

Thanks for posting and letting us know a little of the 4 corners that exist. I choose this second, to visit.

Thank you and good night!


That's in Brugges, Belgium :)


ok, lets go to Belgium!!!!!!

good job ..
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Europe and North America are boring as fuck, wouldn't go there even for free. Third world countries are the best if you can stomach them.


Been to many third world countries...Grew up in one too :)


Where are you currently?

beautiful world

beautiful photgraphy

thank you for sharing this

Hey @adonisabril I currently live in The Netherlands, having lived in Spain and Australia as well. I've traveled to over 35 countries. This is a tough question to call man! I think for me personally Melbourne, Australia was one of the most enjoyable places to live, yet it is so damn far from my 'home' The Netherlands. I definitely hope to live there again for a year or so in the future though :)

I was born in Japan but I live in the U.S. I think my favorite corner of the world is Europe. Especially France and Italy makes me happy whenever I go there!


I spent most of my time in Europe and I can see myself spending the rest of my life at some corner over there :)


I wish I can do that, too! :)

I just wish I had a corner of my own house!!!

Australia would be at the top of the list if it wasn't so far to travel for much of the world.

I am an American expat who has chosen to live on the island of Samar in the Philippines, which is SE Asia. My chosen paradise consists of the slice of tropics extending from the Philippines to Guam, some 3.5 hours distant from each other in the Western Pacific.
Sunrise over Tomaligues.JPG


my name is Samar , what a beautiful coincidence 😊.
although i never heard about it before , but it's now my favorite corner of the world ❤️.

anyway thank you @retiredinsamar for your valuable information , you made my day !


Now you have a great excuse to travel! 😉


Hhhh yes definitely


I grew up in the Philippines

Hey, dear steemian, i am from Asia, from Pakistan. i like the corners you shared with us. I wish to travel each of these beautiful corners and i would like you and all of my dear steemians friends should travel the beautiful corners in Pakistan
Kumrat valley Pakistan .jpg
Kumrat valley Pakistan

there are many more beautiful corners


I will also visit Pakistan :)

The pictures are awesome!
You really have a great photography skills I must say.

Let's see if you get interested in where are these photos from and how do you consider them


and this


Thoughts? 🙄

My corner of the world is still the Philippines. Lots of wonderful islands still out there to explore.

Outside the Philippines I'd like to go to Colombia and Turkey. I really hope I can do it this year!



this is an awesome place beautiful view :)

hello, I'm from the biggest Asia, So I found my corner here! hehe! Awesome travel post! Great to have it on hot section 😊😊😊


I would have to agree :)

My corner of the world is still that same one where I was introduced to the world!

I am from Cebu, Philippines and I am happy with this corner of the world!

I feel inlove with your first picture 😍
But given the chance to travel again I would love to go Europe!!!

Thank you for a beautiful and inspiring article.


I lived in Cebu for at least 3 years in my youth :)

People always look into living abroad from their own point of view - "which of these places is best for me".

But they never consider whether the locals will accept them or not, which makes a huge difference to the success or failure of it all.

@adonisabril some incredible photos that highlight the beauty of each continent, I would have liked to see in your publication a photo of the mountain roraima of here venezuela.



I’m actually awestruck looking at the flat top of that mountain and how it came to be so flat. Must be an incredible view from up there!


It is the most representative of Venezuela. Mount Roraima is one of the most beautiful natural wonders that exist.

i live in china, i also like travaling i think its a most important part in life.every time i thinking i want go new area and look some beautiful place in the world.i most like nature and sea beech. so i choose first one.i want go there. really i like this post ..

thank you for your post.

Hello there! I'm Venezuelan and i really enjoyed your post
One of my biggest dreams is travel all around the world, learn a little of every culture, learn a lot of languages, just live pleny

I'm gonna put here a few pics from my beautiful country, a place with desert, jungle, snow, beaches, landscapes and everything you can imagine. Check out my blog if you have time, have a nice day<3


Someday I will also travel to Venezuela!


We'll wait for you to come! :D

We are still dreaming about Italy. Older we get harder is to make this decision.

Welcome aborad, I agree 'Travel' is so important for anyone and what a great place to start, then ALL OVER THE WORLD! haha well done and I wish you all the best :)


I'm Lithuanian but I actually live in Spain, I think it's a maravelous country to live with beautiful places to visit you have montains, beautiful beaches and avant-garde cities.
I think It's my place int the worl to stay!


😍 It’s a beautiful country, thanks!

In every place of the world there are beautiful landscapes that fall in love and inspire, the strength and vigor of nature traps us. The man also contributes with his culture rural and urban landscapes that captivate us and offer us a lot of human warmth. I really got excited about this post, so much that while I was reading I traveled imaginatively through those places and felt an inner peace. Thank you very much for giving me some peace and inspiration with this nice post.

Nice to see you around these parts, adonisabril. Such lovely shots. I have only ever been to africa. One day I will have to return and take in more of the country:) Thanks for this great share:)


I plan to stay there for over 6 months.

Very well written article... I agree with you there might be places were you feel more "at home" than others.. For me these are Asia and Europe.


Europe for me personally :)


Great choice :) I am European and proud to live in such a beautiful part of the world.... Its millenary history and traditions is what fascinates me the most, from the stunning Italian monuments to the architecture of the Dutch houses, from the beautiful forests in Czech Republic to the notes of a malinconic Fado listened in one of the many Portuguese tascas... Absolutely lovely ;)

Wow, am from the western part of Africa, i enjoy the climatic and physical regions of Africa. I would love to visit most part of the world but i wont like to make any place my corner. Because i will want to improve other parts of the world for people to make their corner! Good post @ adonisabril

This was a beautiful, well-researched, and empathetic piece of writing. The world is a big and largely unexplored place for a lot of people.

Keep up the good work :)

If you look for a breathtaking place on Earth to escape - check out Poland's Masuria voivodeship. It has been placed at 14th among 400 places in international competition for new 7 wonders of the World, organised by Swiss foundation

Prices in Poland are waaay lower for Americans than other European countries. You can have brand new flat or house in delightful, surrounded by nature settlement for as low as $40 000.

What is more important, Poland is not a subject to immigration crisis and widespread crime caused by it. Masuria is the cheapest region known for it's peaceful and slow rhythm of living.

Check out the pics and let me know if you like them! :)elk1.jpgmasuria1.jpgmasuria2.jpgmasuria3.jpgelk2.jpgelk3.jpgmasuria4.jpegmasuria5.jpegmasuria6.jpg


I taught English in Poland :)


Soooooooo beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful sight!


Beautiful pics, although I must disagree with you: crime is not caused by immigrants ;)


Of course. I generalized a bit, but it was just to point out my observation - percentage of sexual harrassment accussations increased among refugees and asylum seekers, take Sweden for example. Also, comparing to western countries, Poland did not have any terrorist attack nor massive murder which tend to be common in big aglomerations in richer countries these days.

This is a topic I'm going over with my wife right now as we look for vacation and rental properties abroad. Great pictures and nice read thanks for the post! Followed!


Good luck!

Stay in Brazil and I carved that you are beautifully arranged in Rio de Janeiro. I do not live in the state of Rio, but it's not far from here. About 3 to 4 hours by car, you come to this capital city. However, the violent city is quite beautiful, with many attacks. It seems that people used it there.

From this image you put, I did not know where I chose the second one, but this street with this street is very beautiful. The nature that exists among them with little plants brings an immense peace. This is a place where I want to see.

Thanks for posting and know a little of our 4 corners. I have to choose this second, to visit. Thank you for the post.:)


I was in Rio for just 9 months ago :)

I am currently in europe i am from Kashmir which is notthern most part of Indian .kashmiri is called paradise on earth . Once in a life have a visit to that heaven

Good post! Well I totally agree it's good to at least be at the place that you really love even at least once a year. It would be great if it's every single day but of course, not all of us has the leisure to do it.

I'm from South Africa @adonisabril and I agree that if you're a foreigner there are places one should avoid. Nice post stunner..


Just have to be aware is all.

Love this travel post. My husband, @jbreheny and I have just started traveling the US as full time travelers. Our hope is to start traveling the world in the next 2 to 3 years. There are so many beautiful places in this world to enjoy. You make great points on the possible dangerous areas, but danger exists everywhere you go in life. Making smart choices, being aware of your surroundings and listening to your gut are words to live by. Go out and enjoy this beautiful gift of earth on which we reside.


Yes, you can't explore the world being afraid :)

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for sharing this with the community. It always nice to read something that is done with passion.

The best place is where you feel happy. It is inside of your heart.. I travel around the world and found my happiness by learning from different cultures. There is no secret, travelling makes us young and knowledgeable. This is my city, my love.

The first picture is stunning. It really makes me want to go to Brazil!!!!
I prefer Mexico as my second home, I just love the nice people, nature and their food. And the big plus: it's very affordable.
I hitchhiked the whole country twice​, once along​ the coast and once straight​ through​ the middle. Just can recommend​ it!!!

Hi there!!!! all the earth it is beautiful, in my personal opinion i love america.
good luck!!! have a great day!!!

Without a doubt, traveling the world is the most beautiful ...

The Americas. I really enjoyed reading the article. It definitely gives a person who wants to travel an idea of what to expect.

I prefer Europe and Brazil.

I'm from Brazil, but my favorite corner of the world is definitely Canada. More precisely Whistler during winter. download.jpeg

Picture from my homeland, Vietnam!

Me encantaría unas vacaciones en Asia. Especialmente en Japón-
Gracias por el artículo. Muy orientador.

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I would love to visit all the natural wonders of Asia, impressive landscapes, the culture and architecture of European countries such as Spain, United Kingdom, Russia are ideal to get lost in a dream trip through the old continent, thanks for awakening the passion for the trip in our life, and we wait for you in the Americas, in Venezuela, all the geography from Los Roques to the Venezuelan`s Amazonas @adonisabril

When you travel even 100km away from home you feel peace of mind. My favorite continent is Asia and I love it. I visited few countries there and will go again to see the rest. It is a heaven on earth :)


I grew up in Asia, but I'm prone to pick Europe myself.

Every part of the world has something great to offer. Thanks for sharing a bit about the different corners of the world!

Anda telah berhasil mendapatkan hambar yang luar biasa tuan, ini adalah surga dunia yang sangat indah aku yakin semua orang akan betah tinggal di tempat yang luarbiasa ini. Resteem

Great photography best of luck

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Buying a vacation home abroad is also a viable investment opportunity for those who would choose to rent out their vacation home while they are away.

I had the pleasure of living in northern Japan for three years while serving in the military and I cannot say enough great things about the country and its people. If I myself were looking for something abroad Japan would be very high on my list.

I am currently in the usa and i soul longs for europe and asia. I was born here but i am sick and tired of these people and way of life. Thank you for this beautiful post and happy monday.

Our world is beautiful!

all the mentioned places have its advantages and disadvantages the idea is to try to stay with the good and where we are more relaxed

I prefer Pakistan

My corner of the world is the world itself, one corner at the time. Born in Europe and living in Asia for 10 years, with some time spent in Australia also. When the “vacations” start they will be for good and then off to every other corners! But ancient Asian knowledge says it’s not wise to announce our future plans so that’s what I have to say for now. 😉
Wonderful post, again. Congrats!

Vivo en venezuela, de todas elijo la segunda. porque se puede ver perfectamente la naturaleza hermosa trae una paz inmensa.
Saludos desde Venezuela!

Beautiful post. Africa is a beautiful place to be most especially Nigeria my country. We have the Obudu cattle ranch with good views. Several tourist centers such as Olumo rock. Indeed, Africa is beautiful. Come visiting sometimes and spend your holiday to see and experience our beautiful culture.

Hi sabril, we are in Indonesia, Southeast Asia.
Every thing that you need and love, , you will find here. Trust me !!!

It is wonderful to be able to enjoy special places, acquire cultural and touristic knowledge of the visited sites .. Beautiful photos .. I congratulate you.

I invite you to visit my profile, I would love to have your help .. Thank you.

i choose Europe

Followed! I'm from Venezuela and I've visited Brazil too. It has very wonderful views to leave people astonished! Thanks for sharing, I love pictures with vivid colors!
I invite you to visit my blog, I'm new on Steemit but I'm very excited to post.

Loved your Post, Upvoted and Resteemed!

I Am from Pakistan, Asia.
Below are pictures taken by Me of Lake saif-ul-malooq,Naran,Pakistan. Hope you like it!

There are lot more i have posted in my Post



If you want to gain spiritually happiness come to India

Very nice photo and good post !!! SUPPER !!!!

Rio has always struck me as incredibly vibrant, passionate and full of culture. The violence is obviously off putting, but it is spectacularly beautiful.
I’m a huge fan of snow, it would be amazing to spend a Christmas somewhere picturesque, like living in a Christmas card scene! Love the question and seeing everyone’s answers!


@talkthattalk Rio was alright :)

I love spending my vacation fishing. Fishing is very fun

Beautiful photgraphy.I am from Japan. This place is I think the best place to be because of all foods it offers like culture, anime, food(ramen,street food,sushi,etc) good place... I think I will never stop loving this place. Most important is the people, Japanese men and women are most polite person you can imagine. Great post my friend.i like it

From my experience, the South islands of Asia like Malaysia offer the best in living which includes cheap cost of living and GREAT food!

People are the friendliest there! Crime is very low, too.

Praying that somebody I will be able to go to these places.

I think everyone reading this should consider Cambodia :)

Hi , dear steemian, i am from Asia, from Nepal. I wish to travel each of these beautiful place and i would like you and all of my dear steemians friends should travel the beautiful place in Nepal

I live i bangladesh in asia. I love my country so much. There are many wonderful place such as sundarbans, rangamati, coxs bazar , kuakutta etc.

beautiful picture!!! thanks

You are really kind enough to share this post. It's not easy to summarize things like this, and the results are amazing!

So beautiful i like the place which is above all and this view is so beautiful and captured in the unique way.

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that very interesting thank you for sharing thumbsup.gif

i am from iraq i don not show place like this in iraq thank u tu share this post ... i like it and i resteem :)

Hi @adonisabrill,
my favourite corner of the world is in Italy,in my town terracina where I live, sea, mountain lake and history, make this place a unique place
for me of course :)p1010142.JPG
said this I love, traveling, when I can and stop to get to know the uses of the inhabitants of the placeand try to integrate myself
in Africa I would like to go one day


I love Italy...Been there 7 times! I definitely see where you're coming from :)

Thank you. I prefer africa

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  ·  3년 전

wow nice :) check out our blog, Catching pictures & videos from Earth

It is not possible to know the essence of a place by visiting a place as a tourist. Till the time you don't let the local culture and heritage touch you by living there you will never be able to know that place.

Its one thing to visit tourists spots and admire the beauty of a location but its completely different to be like a local person and enjoy things like locals do.

If I prefer asia

My corner of the world is the south west of Western Australia, When it gets cold here I like to travel up north where it's much warmer in winter because it is tropical, I can get there by road, so I can take everything I need, although the petrol is expensive when you get up there.

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Semuanya mempunyai pesona masing masing. 1. Brazil negara beriklim dingin yang sejuk dan romantis tentunya juga punya pemandangan dari pengunungan yang subur dan segar
2.Europa juga memiliki musim dingin dan musim lainnya dimana juga tampak terlihat rumah rumah bangunan lampau yang ditutupi lumut membuat kesan sejarah dan unik

  1. Afrika punya daya tarik wisata yang langka dan unik sungguh cocok jadi tempat berfoto cuacanya yang panas dan tandus di sebagian tempat di Afrika namun memiliki kebun binatang yang masuk kedalam kebun binatang yang terbesar dengan jumlah hewan liar yang banyak selain itu destinasi lainnya membuat Afrika menjadi tujuan wisata bagi banyak orang
  2. Asia negara yang juga sangat baik dengan keramahan alam serta penduduknya itu juga termasuk Indonesia ya. Bagi saya Asia itu tempat destinasi yang keren juga terlihat banyaknya wisata asing terus mendatangi tempat tempat di Asia. Negara Asia yang memiliki banyak pantai dan laut yang luas dimanfaatkan untuk memproduksi garam dalam jumlah yang besar

Terimakasih atas postingan anda saya sebenarnya tidak membaca kalimat yang anda baca karena harus di translate ke google tapi saya berkomentar berdasarkan foto yang anda potong ini. Sukses terus ya😁

I believe we must each choose a passion in a place of joy over any other decision. We have this one life, why would we not live it in a place that inspires us doing that which we love. Don't choose a job or a career, choose a passion and thereby live your dream daily.

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upvote given, brother apa kabar saya dari Bangladesh, pls follow aku & up vote,makasi.