10 Must Have Items for Every Solo Trips


Hello Steemians,

Today I present here with the names of some accessories which you need for every time of travelling.

Mainly this post just for newbies , which people travelling first time outside of country.

So I am giving " 10 Must Have Items for Every Solo Trips ".

  1. Backpack , Suitcase is mandatory .
  2. First-Aid Box
  3. Notebook,Pens, Water bottle, Brush, Sunscreen, Noise-cancelling Headphone (your choice), Money Belt, Combo , Eye Mask etc.
  4. Photocopy of Passport and Visa, also Upload soft copy in your google drive/dropbox or any other cloud strorage.
  5. Power Bank , Water Proof Case for Mobile , Extra Battery .
  6. Flip flops sandals and Extra shoes.
  7. Emergency contact info of the country where you travelling.
  8. Portable Power Adaptar, with Multi USB Ports and All Charging Cords . Because UK/USA/Europe using different plugs.
  9. Lights , Lighter, Swiss Army Knife (your choice) , Needle and thread , Padlock , Travel Pillow etc.

That's It . You can add more accessories .
Actually I put here those accessories names which i carried away most of times.
Thanks for being here,

Missing the 10. point ??? The 10. point is ....

Be Careful always and Take Care yourself, Good Luck ❤️ .
Happy Journey :)


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What !!! 100% Upvote :o That's Cool :)