10 delicious dishes, famous in Japan should eat when traveling

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Tokyo: Edo-mae zushi

Tokyo's capital city is famous for its Edo-mae zushi, also known as sushi. This dish looks simple with some slices of meat or seafood being put on a handful of rice. But in Japanese cuisine, the more simple the more it requires the subtle and smooth combination. Therefore, to make the pieces of sushi just beautiful, just delicious, the chef takes 7 years of training to master the use of knives and ingredients that you choose.
Sushi topped the list of famous dishes should try when traveling Japan that you. Especially do not miss sushi tape at sushi shops in Tokyo. An interesting gastronomic experience.

Kyoto: Yudofu

Traveling to Japan through famous dishes , definitely can not ignore Kyoto with Yudofu. This is the "tofu" familiar. But Kyoto's "tofu boiled" is completely different from Vietnam or China, due to the special cooking and harmonious dishes.

Normally, we often boil tofu with boiling water and leave the sauce or soy sauce is done. But the Kyoto people make this dish very picky, they bean beans in a special pot of water, when the beans are cooked and soaked spices they will sprinkle more vegetables and kelp on. When eating, use 2 spices: yuzu kosho and ponzu.

Osaka: Takoyaki

Not only the people of Japan, but also the tourists are fascinated and fascinated with this attractive street food. Takoyaki is made from octopus, green onion and ginger dipping powder. When done, the cook will put the ingredients in a hemispherical mold and when the cake is cooked, they will quickly flip it over to fry the rest of the face. Many Japanese tourists have shared, just eating Takoyaki while watching the chef make it an enjoyable experience.

Takoyaki is the famous dish of Osaka and this is the birthplace of this dish. So, when traveling to Japan enjoy delicious food , do not forget to visit Osaka to eat Takoyaki genuine.

Hiroshima: Okonomiyaki

The most famous dish of Hiroshima is Okonomiyaki, the Japanese pizza. Although the dish originated in Osaka, the Hiroshima people are the best cooks.

Hiroshima's Hiroshima Hiroshima consists of two layers rather than mixed materials as in other regions. The first is a layer of flour followed by a casserole of cabbage, thin sliced ​​beef, octopus, shrimp, cheese and pasta, and finally another layer of flour. When eating, add a sauce of okonomi and mayonnaise, green onion and dried up fish. The cake is not only delicious but watching the chef make it is also a pleasure that you guys.

Okinawa: Chanpuru

Chanpuru is Okinawa's bitter melon. If you think that the bitter melon is where it is not the same, what to go to Okinawa to eat then you are wrong then that. Chanpuru is a traditional dish of Okinawa, made from Japanese bitter melon, kidney beans, vegetables and some other fish meat. If you have a taste you will never forget the delicious taste that this dish brings.

If you intend to travel to Japan to enjoy good food , do not forget about Okinawa's Chanpuru.

Nagasaki: Champon

Add a city with a delicious food can not miss when traveling Japan, Nagasaki and Champon. This dish is like ramen, but the process is completely different. Instead of being cooked with a piece of noodles and broths like ramen or soba, the champon is cooked directly in a pot of broth, when added to vegetables, meat, fish and seafood depending on the season and preferences of the customer. . In some areas of Korea, this dish is also added spicy chili.

Nagoya: Miso katsu

Tonkatsu is a dish of European origin introduced into Japan in the 1800s. But now, it has become an indispensable part of Japanese cuisine and deserves to be a must-have dish. Japanese travel .

The main ingredient is pork dipped in flour, then poured into hot oil pan and fried crispy, golden on both sides. When eating, it will be covered with sweet and spicy miso sauce. Should be called miso katsu. There are many miso katsu areas, but Nagoya is the best place to prepare it.

Hokkaido: Ishikari nabe

A land of snow all year round, the most famous and famous dish of Hokkaido is the Ishikari nabe. Imagine, after exploring the beautiful scenery and skiing on the sprawling hillsides of Hokkaido, enjoy a salmon, Japanese beetroot, onion, tofu, cabbage, Leek and mushrooms are more delicious than smoked. So when Japanese travel to enjoy some famous food not to be missed Ishikari nabe of Hokkaido

Sapporo: Sapporo ramen

The famous Japanese ramen pastry prepared by the chefs in Sapporo has become very different. Sapporo ramen is made from crunchy noodles, sliced ​​pork, bamboo shoots, fried vegetables, bean sprouts, onions, fish balls, eggs, cooked in special broth, salt family. It is the fat, but not boring and salty taste of salt that made the brand of rampe Sapparo. Therefore, travel to Japan enjoy delicious food , do not forget Sapporo ramen.

Takamatsu: Sanuki udon

Takamatsu is one of the four main islands in Japan, but it will not be a tourist attraction without the presence of Sanuki udon noodles. A bowl of Sanuki udon in Takamatsu consists of large noodles, green onions, fried beans and tempura. Depending on the taste, add meat or seafood.

The highlight of the Sanuki udon is the sweet and juicy sweet noodles, shiny, crispy noodles made from wheat flour grown on the island. If traveling to Japan but miss the Sanuki udon then it is a pity.

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