Go to romantic countryside do not miss these super-attractive dishes-France by @alendkey

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Cassoulet: This is a specialty originating from the Languedoc-Roussilon region, this dish is made from white beans, spinach and sausage. This delicious dish was enjoyed by rural families for centuries

Fois Gras: This is the most famous traditional French dish, with the main ingredient is goose liver fattened. This dish has its origins in ancient times, the fatty goose bones as smooth as melting in the mouth.

Poulet Basquaise Basquaise is a specialty of Basquaise with chicken and some vegetables. It comes with bayonne, tomato and Esplette.

Snails: Come to France to visit Burgundy to discover a typical French specialty, snails cooked with margarine, also called "escargots à la bourguignonne".

Mouclade Charentaise: Many visitors love the gastronomic specialties of this La Rochelle area. Dishes are cooked from Bouchot's with chives, garlic, herbs, spices, eggs, cream, and most importantly they are marinated with Pineau des Charentes (a local wine).

Breton Galettes: This is a crepe made of dark buckwheat with hams, cheese, eggs and onions.

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Very nice photos you got there :). Well i would not try that snails haha.
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thank you so much