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You do not need to go to a special museum or gallery to observe optical illusions or interesting coincidences. Because they always exist around our lives.

Page BoredPanda shared an interesting photos of random moments in life where you can be mistaken with the optical illusion, seemingly can only see in the movies.

From a floating bridge floating in the air or the image of a dog lying next to a log makes you think as if the body was cut off, these are just a few moments where you will have to strain your eyes. can recognize the difference in it.

Perhaps preparing yourself mentally before watching the moments below will help you quickly realize the difference:

It looks like a bridge over the clouds, but it turns out to be just a river bridge. Those clouds are actually reflections on the lake

The crowd watching the concert looked like a huge cotton field

Did the dog have been cut off? Of course not because the log is too close

A layer of dew on the roof of the car looks like a view outside the Earth

Two dogs stand together so they look like they stick together

Not a boat on the sea, it is a kite placed in a very special moment

It looked as though the ship was lying on two piers

The ships, as if they were floating in the air, were essentially Fata Morgana, a mysterious illusion.

The inscriptions on the stone at the Cathedral of Florence, Italy make hallucinations as a giant tunnel

Two giant pigeons? No, they are just standing on a wall near the camera

The girl did not sit on the other guy's shoulder, just because of the white shirt in his wedding dress.

Maybe you will mistake the monkey that is taking selfie but it turned out to be a photo of a tourist taking a photo

Reflections from a light bulb cause such glasses to have different eyes

The soldiers look like little dwarfs

The photo has made netizens a headache controversy but turned out to be very simple because the guy in white in front of the black pants are very white.

Just a passing dog
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