Love boat – the modern version – 113 days around the world 爱船——现代版本 -113 天在世界各地

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Orange, blue, yellow, green cover my face and everyone standing near me or dancing in front of me, the air filled with the smell of alcohol. Smiles all over the place, the feeling of freedom and fun, engine room, 40 feet below the ocean...

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Travel, experience, see, feel, challenge, meet, live…

Childhood memory, desire, this deep feeling that was always there…

A father that was a flying airplane technician working all around the world, also working on-board a private airplane of one of the richest businessman, at that time.
My dad's friend who just came back from a year of traveling in those deserted countries.
House full of souvenirs from every corner of the world, scary masks from Africa, swords from China…
I always knew – I'll travel around the world, climb those high snowy mountains, meet people from all over, get to know different cultures, live in China, board a one-way flight and be back after many years or not…

I did it! I traveled, worked, lived around the world, gathered experiences from all over…

I was in the Far East for almost 4 years, during which I traveled in many countries. Each place gave me a different impression and experiences.

Thailand, to which I came back many times again and I mean the word many 😉
Cambodia which I ran away from after 5 days, Vietnam in which I fell in love and covered it from the south to the far north, Laos, Nepal, Tibet and this moment is finally here, I'm almost there, arriving in the promised land – China.

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I arrived in China, moved from the northwest to Beijing that is all the way in the northeast, not a particular short way. I've been to places and cities that didn't see too many foreigners, if any, those small towns of only 2 million people 🙂
They didn't speak any English, of course. I hope I didn't eat anything undesired that China is well known for…
But then I had to leave again, the Naadam, a once in a year festival in Ulan Bator, Mongolia's capital, can't be missed, must see 🙂

Two more months passed, this time it's happening, I'm back to the promised land - China, but...
After staying too long in the faked shopping malls of Beijing and doing shopping that every western woman will be proud of 🙂 I couldn't take it anymore, needed a change and I left again, this time...Japan!

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To be short for once 🙂 as this country should have its own article…
Japan is certainly one of my favorite places all around the world.
Japan is an amazing combination of a country that is extremely modernized and at the same time keeps its culture alive.

Midday in a Japanese temple in the center of Tokyo, hundreds of Japanese kids wearing a Kimono, apparently some kids national holiday and exactly at that point, my camera batteries went dead, yes, it was a long time ago, when we still used those triple A batteries ... Only one example among many experiences you get in this amazing country.

After my Japanese visa expired, I was back for the third time to the promised land - China, maybe this time it'll be different?


24 hours train from Shanghai to Kunming, the only foreigner in the train, 3rd floor bank bed, still no Chinese, but from some reason those 24 hours passed by the fastest in my entire time in the Far East.

Kunming, special place, that's the way it felt and the way it actually was, my new home for a long period of time, where I met new friends from all over the world, learned Chinese, taught English and finally met the real China!

I've lived in China for over a year and a half, certainly a period that will stay close to my heart, traveled, lived and worked in China, my childhood dream came to life. China certainly was one of the best, different, unique and special places that I was lucky enough to experience in person.

I met new friends, Chinese and foreigners, one of them is one of my best friends till this day, Fabio, an Italian who, like me, travels around the world.
We kept on traveling together in Asia during the following years, I saw and experienced things that don't happen in other parts of the world.

The Chinese are certainly different than us westerners, they don't even use the universal hand signs, how can you talk with them? 😱

I ate special dishes that I've never seen before, I saw how they prepare a dog to be the main dish in one the restaurants that specialize in it, in one of the traditional Hutong streets. Yummy!

I didn't really eat that, but I did have friends that without knowing of this restaurant's specialty, ate there, vegetarian dishes only, a fact that made them very happy after they understood to which kind of restaurant they went in to. Next time – check TripAdvisor 🙂

I studied Chinese with foreigners from all over the world and Asians from different countries such as Thailand, South Korea. There weren't any North Korean students even though it would have been nice to receive an invitation to this country one day, after the current tension ends 🙂

I taught English to those little cute Chinese kids and for a moment I felt as I'm in a movie. It can't be real, I'm in China, in a Chinese school, teaching cute Chinese kids – English?!

All good things must come to an end and I had to start making a serious money, compare to what you can earn as an English teacher so I moved to Dongguan, a huge industrial city of over 10 million people.

I managed a trading company and again this part can easily fill up another article, if the Chinese are so different from us in thinking, day to day life and actually in almost every life aspect, you can already understand that doing business with them can't be the easiest thing to do.

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When finishing with this challenging adventure I decided to leave China and the Far East and move to my next dream, not before spending another 5 months in Thailand, of course, to relax 🙂

It took some time and 2 pages, but finally we came to the main thing, I started to work on cruise ships around the world, 8 years full guessed it right...experiences 🙂

Remember all the colors from the beginning, its one memory from those 8 years, nice and fun memory of a party in the engine room, 40 feet below the ocean, during the longest cruise that exists in the cruising industry – the world cruise – 113 days around the world.

Every once in a while, different departments in the cruise ship host parties and invite the entire crew. This particular party was definitely one of the best if not the best that I had the pleasure enjoying over those years.

This is the exciting, wild, crazy part that you always hear regarding life of those who work on-board cruise ships, but there are also the parts that weren't that good and at the same time the ones that are even better 😉

Behind the scene of working on-board cruise ships around the world...should leave something for another time...

Hope to see you soon!

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桔色、蓝色、黄色、绿色盖我的脸,每个人都站在我附近或舞在我面前时,空气填充的味道醇。 笑容遍布的地方,这种感觉的自由和乐趣、发动机室、 40 英尺以下的海洋...


我做到了! 我走过,工作、生活在世界各地,收集了来自全国各地的经验……

我是在远东地区的近 4 年,在这期间,我去过许多国家。 每一个地方给了我一个不同的印象和经验。
柬埔寨,我逃跑了,后 5 天内,越南,我落在爱,涉及它从南到北的远、老挝、尼泊尔、西藏,这一时刻终于在这里,我是几乎没有,抵达的乐土——中国。

我来到中国,从西北到北京,所有的方式在东北地区,而不是一个特定的短的路。 我去过的地方和城市,没有看到太多的外国人,如果有的话,这些小城镇的只有 200万 的人 🙂

他们不讲任何英文,当然。 我希望我根本吃不理想,中国是众所周知的,……
但后来我不得不再次离开时, Naadam ,一个曾经在一年中的节日在乌兰巴托,蒙古的资本,不能错过了,一定要见 🙂

后停留的时间太长,在伪造的购物中心,北京和做购物中心,每一个西方女子将引为自豪的 🙂 我不需要它了,它需要一种变化和我离开了,这一次……日本!

要短,一旦 🙂 作为这个国家应该有自己的文章……


中午 12 点在日本一家寺院的中心,东京,数百名身穿和服的日本小孩,显然是一些孩子国庆节,正好在这一点上,我的相机电池去死了,是的,这是很久以前的事,当我们仍在使用的三种电池... 仅举一个例子在众多的经验,您可以获得在这令人惊叹的国家。



24 小时的火车从上海到昆明,唯一的外国人在火车、 3 楼银行床,仍没有中文,但从某些原因这些 24 小时通过,最快在我整个的时间里,在远东地区。


我一直生活在中国,超过一年半的时间,当然是一个时期内仍将保持关闭,我的心,走过,生活和工作在中国,我的童年的梦想来到了生命。 中国无疑是一个最好的、不同的、独特的、特别的地方,我是幸运的经验的人。

我遇到新朋友,中国人和外国人,其中一个是我最好的朋友,等到这一天, Fabio 、意大利的人和我一样,在世界各地旅行。
在中国,固然是不同的比我们西方人,他们甚至不使用通用的手牌,你怎能与他们交谈? 😱

我吃的特别菜式,我从未见过的,我看到他们如何准备一只狗,是在一个主菜的餐厅,专门从事它,在其中的一个传统的胡同的街道。 美味、安全!

我没有真正吃的,但我当时有朋友,却不知道,这家餐厅的特色菜,在那里吃,素食菜肴只,这一事实使得他们很快乐,他们了解到这种类型的餐厅,他们進去。 下一个时间-检查 TripAdvisor 🙂

我研究了中国人与外国人的来自世界各地的人和亚裔人来自不同的国家,如泰国、南韩。 有没有任何北朝鲜的学生,虽然这本来是不错的,收到邀请到该国的一个日子,在目前的紧张局势的结束 🙂

我教英语,那些小可爱的中国孩子和使用一段时间,我认为,我是在一个电影。 它不是真实的,我是在中国,在中国的学校、教学可爱的中国孩子-英文?!

但正如所有好的东西必须结束,我不得不开始作出一个比较严重的钱,你就可以获得作为一位英语教师,我搬到东莞,一个庞大的工业城市,在 1000万 的人。


当完成这一具有挑战性的探险之旅,我决定离开中国和远东地区,并移动到我的下一个梦想,而不是之前的 5 个月内花费的另一个在泰国,当然,要放松 🙂

花了一些时间和 2 页,但最后我们来到主的事,我开始工作,游船在世界各地, 8 年充满了...你猜到的是正确的经验…… 🙂

请记住所有的颜色,从一开始,它的一个内存从那些 8 年、漂亮、有趣的记忆,一个缔约方在发动机室、 40 英尺以下的海景,在最长的巡游,巡游中存在的行业--世界巡游 -113 天于世界各地。

每一次的同时,不同部门中,游船东道方和邀请全体船员。 这种特殊的方是绝对是一个最好的,如果不是最好的,我曾有幸欣赏过那几年。

这是一个令人兴奋的、狂野的、疯狂的一部分,您始终可以听到关于生命的那些人工作的板上游船,但也有的部件,而不是良好的,与此同时,那些方面做得更好 🙂



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