Travel Before They Make It Illegal!!!

4년 전

Let me tell you the story of how I went from never having traveled to being a travel addict (like some of yourselves)

I grew up in Gainesville, FL, USA. Lived there most of my life and then lived down in Fort Myers, FL, for about 3 years.

Long story short, I made my own supplements business (which you should check out, since we are being systematically poisoned daily). Then, I did a cross-country road trip, which is an absolute must, no matter where you live. I saw most states on the way in between Florida and the west coast, both ways.

This is a picture from one of my favorite random stops alongside the road from the road trip! It was in southern Colorado, and there was this gigantic cliff that you could walk out onto.

Then, some friends and I, freshly addicted to seeing BRAND NEW THINGS AND PEOPLE EVERYDAY, decided to go to Europe and get Eurail Passes which basically let us travel for free via train in some countries and at a reduced rate in other countries. Best thing was we even qualified as "youth"! I'm 22.

Bottom line is, if you haven't traveled yet, you're missing out. Everybody who's traveled knows this and feels sorry for you.


Follow me if you want some awesome suggestions about A LOT OF STUFF, one of which being some of the places I've traveled (: Also, please comment and upvote your favorite places to visit!!

This is a picture of the homie @sal.tedder and I on the St. Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, which is a beautiful place! Well worth a visit! Also, follow my homie Sal because he is new on Steemit like myself!

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Congratulations ! Your post has been highlighted in the Daily Travel Reports


Wow, I am honored (: Thanks!
Do you manage the Daily Travel Reports?


Hi @amvanaken, welcome, it was nice going through your post, and i love especially the second picture. Yes i go to the bottom of the travel tag everyday and post the #dailytravelreports. Steen on !


Awesome! Keep up the good work (:

Good post!
Travel is an antidote for many things in life. And people do take it for granted.
Do it while you can! Later can be too late!

We decided to hit the road again as well for a while!! Wrote about it here: