Science City - Kolkata

3년 전

Science City, Kolkata, a unit of the national Council of technological know-how Museums, an self sufficient frame underneath the Ministry of lifestyle, govt. of India and the biggest technology centre in India, become developed with a onetime capital supply through the administrative ministry.

Science City opened on July 01, 1997 and includes facilities, the technological know-how Centre and the convention Center. The technology Center complex comprises space Odyssey, Dynamotion, technological know-how Exploration corridor, Maritime Center, Earth Exploration corridor and a sprawling technology Park.

It has already recorded footfall of more than 29.9 million considering its release and is the most important appeal in Kolkata to nearby citizens in addition to the national and global visitors to the town.

While in Kolkata one can not pass over this iconic group combining education and leisure in sharp evaluation to the technological know-how museums existing someplace else inside the world.

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