Old friends and a trip to look forward to | Lake Balaton here we come again!

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Picture taken by me at Lake Balaton 2018

Missing friends from our home country

Personally, I only have a few people that I truly miss, and the friends I had in Holland, I don't really miss that much as they were friends that I didn't see too much. Daily contact maybe, updating each other via whatsapp sure, but actually doing something fun was a little bit more rare since I became a mother. Which I didn't mind, I'm not the person that enjoys having her calendar for the next 3 months booked in advance. I actually hate that. Of course I enjoy looking forward to certain dates when it comes to holidays or something, but I really don't like feeling claimed on a certain date 2 months from now. Because how do I know if I even feel like doing something that day? Maybe I just want to stay at home to watch Netflix all day, lol.

Boyfriend had some friends that lived closer to us

And some of them he knew for maybe 20 years or longer. Of course when you live close to each other you have a better bond, I remember me and my best friend at the time I was pregnant from my oldest daughter. We lived 1 minute away from each other, and that meant almost daily coffee, going shopping, babysitting etc. I was the first person to ask help as I lived closest to her, and getting a child from school would take me a few minutes. And vice versa when my daughter was born. But when you move to different parts of the city, and especially when personal circumstances change, these friendships change as well. We outgrew each other. I hope she's doing well, I don't have any beef with her, but we just aren't friends anymore. So I get it when you live so close that you have a bit more contact. Ever since we’ve left Holland, there is only one friend that he talks daily to, the others may send a message every once in a while, but are never actually interested in our live abroad. So I personally don’t consider them real friends.

But there are a few people that don’t mind the distance

By now they’ve become mutual friends, thankfully, and I’m glad I know them. One of these friends came to visit us for 5 days last year in June. Which was fun, and I’m sure we’ll see her again, hopefully somewhere this year. Another one has been saying he should really come one day as the tickets can be quite cheap to Budapest. And he has a place to stay for free, so it should be a cheap trip abroad compared to when you need to book accommodation. With boyfriend finding a new job that he only started this week, we didn’t know how to plan this to be honest. Yesterday I was thinking about a review I wrote about Lolli Chrome extension, where you earn back bitcoin when shopping at their partners websites. Booking.com is one of them, so I decided to do a little search for accommodations at Lake Balaton in June. The thing is, it needed to be free cancellation and without credit card as this month is a tight one, so not convenient to book something like that. To my surprise I found a pretty sweet option for 4 nights, not too expensive. A quadruple room, so there’s an extra bed.

Suddenly he realized why not ask him along?

When it suddenly hit him, why don’t we ask him to come along? That will give him an even better holiday feeling, as we get to be at lake balaton for 5 days, plus he can stay a day or two extra to also explore Budapest a bit. You get a much bigger holiday feeling when you visit Lake Balaton than when you are in Budapest for 5 days. So why not have the best of both? We know this cute place we’re going to is super nice, as we’ve been there for 3 days last year as well. The second time we went to the lake last year we chose another destination, and that didn’t turn out well at all. Not only did we return home both having the norovirus because of our dirty hotel, but also we had horrible beds and the location sucked as well.

So we now have something to look forward to

Another trip to Lake Balaton, and at the same time our friend from Holland that will join us. I'm so looking forward to it, it will be nice to catch up in real life with an old friend.
The holiday leave is approved, now we wait until our friend can book the flight next week, and then the waiting starts. We are pretty lucky to have Lake Balaton only a train ride away (of 2,5 hours lol) from home, so it's an affordable holiday compared to a trip abroad. As we decided to postpone moving to another apartment, this trip was suddenly possible, and I'm pretty happy about that, because being in this apartment has been no fun the past year. They work 6 days a week and start really early. The worst thing is the dust flying around, so I can't open any windows as long as they're working.. So you can imagine a trip, even just for a few days, is very welcome. Too bad we have to wait 2 more months before we go..

Did you already make plans for the summer? Or are you staying at home?

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