Mother chicken hen love his little children

4년 전

Hello Friends,
I was traveling in the rainy day. mother chicken seen love . I am taking the picture and share with you.

Today's sermon is about how God's love is like that of a mother hen. How many of .##eye without moving from her children.
The .. As the mother hen protects her brood from the chicken hawk..
Source:Picture taking my Mobile
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I expect you to be a believer. Are you aware that part of your topic is from the beginning? In Genesis, the Spirit of God is written to have been hovering over the waters. This particular word translated as hovering us in the feminine gender and would depict the Holy Spirit brooding over creation. When the hen is getting ready to lay eggs she is brooding. The chicks in the picture are known as the brood. Of course by the will of the Father. The Word empowered the creative action of the Spirit. Just like our rebirth today and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. As the scripture says "create in us a new heart".

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