Why China is the Best Place to Become an Au Pair Abroad

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China is a country in more than 5000 years, which has developed a modern day World Super Power with one of the fastest growing economies worldwide. It is very surprising today that China is listed at the top tourist destinations in the world today. China expects more than you to find in Chungdu Panda Research Center and China's supreme greatness wall, with highly modern Sky Scrisers.

Six reasons why Au Pair jobs in China are the best

1) The way of living of Chinese


Living with a local family will allow you to experience China's life and become part of a strong bond in Chinese family. The majority of Chinese host families live in major cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. These cities represent the best "QUALITY" and "STANDARD" of high quality to live in China.

In your bus at free time, you can get local links to experience historic sites with other AU couples, natural beauty, cultural landscape and local customs. During staying and working as a pair of china in China, you will get deeper understanding of the real Chinese society and you are likely to improve your mandate. Mandin and Chinese cultural classes, which are usually included in a pair of deployment packages, will equip you with the knowledge to deepen the country's spirit.

In China's experience, your Eve pair will shape your global ideology on a way that can not be just visited as a tourist.

2) Job opportunities


There are more opportunities before China than one pair. Therefore, Chinese a pair of job market has promised a great potential, especially for people who are at the level of Madrid. And once you finish your pair of china experience, then she will take advantage of you to come professionally.

AU pair is a growing industry in China, as overseas by the number of Chinese families in search of foreign couples. The idea of ​​cultural change, which provides its children with different views of life, gives more importance to Chinese parents. Parents are more interested in developing the international way of communicating, teaching and caring for their children. However, foreign exchange in China is not enough to meet demand in a pair of market - the best news for you!

3) A variety of working environment

A couple of pair of programs offer flexible working hours in China that are not always included in full-time work, and they usually include more educational components than the paired programs offered in other countries. For a pair of chains in China, the role of one pair of two is slightly different from your expectation (you will not work for a home! China's parents expect a couple to be good friends with their children. They A couple have made the best role model, a big brother or a big sister to their children, and allows their children to experience Western values.

4) Development of ESL teaching skills

The main responsibility of a couple of pairs in China will teach British or other languages ​​in their host family children. Chinese parents are focusing more on their children's English language studies, because they consider English skills as the key to their children having a career of successful future. In order to help their children learn the language, they want to isolate them in an English-speaking environment, and also allows them to increase their horoscope and learn more about the world.

Chinese parents are relatively open minded, and are more innovative and advanced in their style, so they will respect English their efforts to educate their children. The highly focused learning session will result in a highly rewarding, because you will also be able to see the ability to communicate your communication skills and skills by feeding the children's language potential faster.

Keep in mind: Hostilities include a variety of capabilities of English-speaking English, but the majority will be good enough for basic communication. Through the interview process, select the family that improves the English skill level of your desire. If you want to learn Mandarin, better than any family, English language skills will not be better organized. There is a good family family for you, what you need to do is finding you the right outfit to connect with them.

5) Best Chinese Food


Apart from professional development, cultural experience, and unique opportunities, you can join a single pair of chains in China, the Chinese sample you are able to sample is world-leading. Staying in China with a local family will taste you delicious, home cooked, traditional dishes and additionally will be able to cater to Chinese street food. We believe that you will leave authentic Chinese food when you return home.

6) Worth the Challenges

China is a very secure country, but stories are true, living in China, in time, is going to be difficult. Chinese people speak a completely different language and their habits and customs can also be different. You can already feel alone and home, which is usually common. After an open mind one must make a successful pair in China. Always keep in mind that you are moving into different countries, which means different rules, different traditions, and different traditions than you.

Thank you, many Professional U pair agencies are there to help you in every step of becoming a single pair in China. On arrival, you will be based on life in China, including cultural differences, family problems that you do not have, advice on English education, and how to improve your time as a single pair in China. Take advantage of their advice to make one of the most paired in Chinese experience!

The Au Pair China Package

As a pair of AU in China, you will take manager lessons to help Chinese Simplified Chinese Chinese curriculum easily to integrate Chinese knowledge into your knowledge. You will become a real family member and help with the education of your child in their lives, and some lightweight household work can be up to 30 hours in just a week and you may also have your own food, insurance , And international round trip flight tickets!

On top of this, you'll have plenty of possibilities to find yourself, with each pair of couples and your family, when you get a multiply and / or pocket amount of each month. Chinese a pair often uses money to travel in small groups on the rest of China and the remaining holidays.

Becoming an active member of another family will help you become a better person. It teaches you lessons about important life and gives you an amazing experience that will take you out of your comfort zone, so you can get a little bit of cultural shock before you love China's great country. May feel Education you get through a couple of pairs in China can not be learned from just a textbook - it's to make sure!

How to Become an Au Pair in China ASAP

Getting a couple of pairs of jobs in China in your youth will be an interesting and unforgettable adventure. While setting up a cell for a new trip, it is very important that you choose the correct AU pair agency during your stay in China.

Tips for finding a reliable AU pair job in China
Do your research carefully. Visit their website and get more information about them through the presence of social media that they are an active agency.
Read program reviews on GoAbroad.com (or other authorized websites). Find out which chain couple has experienced with different agencies in China, the real people have decided that it looks better for you. Start with a pair of job reviews.
Avoid DIY a pair of jobs in China. Although potentially, paired couple duo programs are not reliable. They can be unsafe and lead to a couple of working hours without any opportunity to meet any suitable services like manager classes or other AU couples. This way has a lot of dropout percentages.
Do not miss a great opportunity - Find a couple of pairs of jobs in China now!


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