Reminiscing Summer and "Surfing" in La Union

2년 전
If you're looking for an out of town weekend escapade where you can either relax, surf or go food tripping. I might have the perfect place for you. San Juan, La Union is the surfing capital of the North (Philippines). It's 4 hour drive from the Metro makes it very accessible to tourists who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life.

IMG_1528 (2).JPG

My friends and I went there during the summer. We stayed at Charlie's Hangar Surf Hostel, it's a beach front hotel which offers a back packer style amenities meaning, you'll be using a common comfort room and they offer bunk beds. No worries though, because the place is really clean and the rooms are noise proof so the noisy neighbors won't be able to bother your good night's sleep.

IMG_1433 (2).JPG

This is how the facade of the hotel looks like. Maybe by now you get why they named it Hangar Surf Hotel.


We reached the hostel around lunch time so we decided to just chill and check out what food La Union has to offer. We have our hopes up but we were heart broken because most of the restaurants were closed during lunch hour. So we just had to eat whatever is available. If you're planning to go there around lunch time, I suggest stopping by a restaurant along the way.

IMG_1393 (2).JPG

After lunch, we decided to take a nap and only woke up around 4PM. We were trying to hide from the sun, that's why.

IMG_1507 (2).JPG

This is how the sea looks like. NO SWIMMING is allowed because the waves are too big, it's perfect for surfing not swimming. So it's either you surf or just watch other people surfing. We chose the latter and I enjoyed it immensely.

IMG_1521 (3).JPG

So it's either you surf or just watch other people surfing. We chose the latter and I enjoyed it immensely. Just being beside the water made me so relaxed and happy.

IMG_1722 (2).JPG

The vibe of the place was just so chill. Everyone just wants to sit back, relax and indulge the atmosphere.

IMG_1529 (2).JPG

IMG_1767 (2).JPG

After watching some surfing action, we headed to the famous EL UNION Coffee house where we tried their famous coffee and desserts.

IMG_1560 (2).JPG

IMG_1575 (2).JPG

These bacon dipped pancake and s'mores are sinfully good. I can still smell and craves for them while writing this. It is that good. Trust me!!!

IMG_1584 (2).JPG

The next morning as we are drinking our coffee by the beach, getting ready to head back to Manila, we were already planning our next trip to La Union. Once you visit the place, you wouldn't want to leave because it has the right mixture of liveliness and calmness in it.

IMG20180311063057 (2).jpg

Don't you miss Mr. Sun and the fun it brings? I sure do.


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