Brief History of Con Dao

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dsc_3953_1.jpgCon Dao is the name of an offshore archipelago of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, 97 nautical miles from Vung Tau and 45 nautical miles from the Hau River. Con Dao or Con Son is also used for the name of the largest island in the archipelago. Historically known as Viet Son before the 20th century, Con Son Island was known as Con Lon Island or Con Non Island. Old names in English and French are Poulo Condor. In 1977, the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam decided the official name Con Dao. Con Dao is also a district-level administrative unit of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.
Due to its favorable position on the maritime route linking Europe and Asia. Con Dao is known to the west very soon.

        From the 13th century (1294) the Italian explorer Marco PoLo's sailing ship, including 14 on the road from China, was hit by a typhoon, losing eight, leaving the rest of the island in Con Dao. .

        In the fifteenth-sixteenth centuries, many European delegations visited Con Dao.

        In the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries the British and French capitalists began to look at the Orient. Many East-Indian companies in England and France sent people to Con Dao to investigate the situation in all aspects with conspiracy plot. In 1702, Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu, in his twelfth year, East India Company blatantly poured troops on Con Dao built fortress, flagpole.

        After three years (February 3, 1705), the Malaysian Macassar uprising was organized and commanded by the NguyeAn government to protect the territorial integrity of the Malays. In England, the British army had to leave Con Dao.

        On November 28, 1783, Pigneau de Béhaine (Ba Da Loc) during the trip to Prince Nguyen and the lords of Nguyen Anh to France, representing himself to Nguyen Anh signed with Count De Montmarin representing King Louis 16 Versailles Treaty. It was the first document of the Nguyen country to give French sovereignty over the Danang estuary and the Kunlun archipelago. To reclaim French help Nguyen Anh four warships, 1,200 soldiers, 200 gunners, 250 soldiers to fight back against the Tay Son. But France was in serious crisis at the time, so the French court could not fulfill the legal treaties and treaties of Versailles as well as the fact that it had no value.

        On September 1, 1858 the French attacked Danang occupied Son Tra peninsula, preparing to hit Hue.

        In February 1859, after the bloody battles in Vung Tau (10-2-1859), Can Gio (11-2-1859), the French defeated Gia Dinh (17-2-1859).

        In April 1861, France captured Dinh Tuong. It was during this time that the French urgently questioned the occupation of Con Dao for fear of jumping into this important strategic position.

        On November 28, 1861, Bonard (French admiral abruptly ordered the Norzagaray to invade Kunlun at 10am.

        French naval lieutenant Lespès Sebastien Nicolas Joachim patronized the French on official rule in the Conlun archipelago with a statement: "Invasion statement".

        On January 14, 1862, the Nievre transported a number of staff to the island, tasked with finding a convenient location to build the Con Dao lighthouse, in order to counter the invasion. .

King's Palace (Governor's Palace)
On January 1, 1862, Bonard signed the decision to establish the Con Dao prison, and from there turned the majestic mountains of Honolulu, into the clear blue sky into "Hell of Tranquility."

        Kunlun Islands before the French, in the province of Ha Tien, later changed to the province of Vinh Long.

        On May 16, 1882, French President Jules Grévy signed an ordinance recognizing the Kunlun Islands as a district of Cochinchina.

         In September 1954, Ngô Đình Di0m's right to continue the regime of imprisonment of the French colonialists renamed Kunlun island Con Son island.

        On October 22, 1956, under the decree of Diem, the province was unoccupied, with only prisoners and imprisonment.

        On April 24, 1965, the Sai Gon government changed Con Son province to Con Son administrative base, under the Ministry of Home Affairs and the provincial chief was changed to Special Administrative Officer.

        After the Treaty of Paris (27-1-1973), the Nguyen Van Thieu authority wanted to distract the international public, renaming the archipelago again. The name PHU HAI strangely (Phu Hai town, Gia Dinh province) is mentioned in the letters of the American people from 1-11-1974 and also the islands as well as the camps have joined. "PHU".

Phu Hai Camp is located in the Phu Hai correctional center
On May 1, 1975, Con Dao was completely liberated, freeing the scene of "HORIZONTAL GOOD" for 113 years.

        In May 1975, Con Dao was called Con Dao province.

        January 1977, Con Dao district - Hau Giang province.

        May 1977, Con Dao district - Vung Tau - Con Dao special zone.

        October 1991 to present: Con Dao district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

        Bureaucracy and population:

        Currently, Con Dao is a district level government, through the district authorities, directly to the population. By the end of 2003, the population was 4,466 people in 9 residential areas.

        Con Dao Town: located on a semicircle valley at 106036/10 coordinates // north latitude. The average height is about 3m above sea level. Length from 8 to 10km and width from 2 to 3km. On the one side looking out to sea (SOUTH). The other three are surrounded by mountains, where the entire economic, political and social life of the archipelago.

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