My 2021 trip to Germany - Part 5 - Seeing Hanover and Painting Pottery

5개월 전

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a busy day, and so is today. I shall type as I have never typed before to finish this article. Let's get into my day yesterday!


Day 5

Seeing Hanover and Painting Pottery


Yesterday I woke up around 7:30am to get ready, and work on the article. Breakfast was around 8:30am, and I ate it with Hinrich's mom and aunt. We had Musli for breakfast, and I realized I have not yet shown what musli looks like, or described what I put in it. So I put a picture next to this. In that Musli, I put dairy free mango and blueberry yogurt, blackberry jam, oats, milk, some kind of chocolate free cereal, and kiwis and blueberries. It tastes much better than it looks! While we ate breakfast, we talked, and then I eventually worked on the article to finish it.

Painting Pottery

After breakfast, I worked on the article while waiting to leave to paint pottery. We left around 10:30am, but it was just me and Hinrich's mother, aunt, and sister.

On the way to the pottery place, there was a lot of lovely buildings. So I experimented with my video app, and tried to get some short videos to include in the video I make at the end of this trip. I also learned that Hanover has the largest forest in the city of any city in the world. I saw it from the highway, but could not really tell how big it is. We arrived at the pottery place around 11am, and were the first ones there. This place was very cool because you could pick out your own item, and pay for it and paint it. I cannot really give any details away about what I picked because it is a surprise for someone back home. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of anything other than the thing I made. So.... I included a picture from Hanover to the side. I will post about what I made after the trip is over. That is assuming it comes out good. I worked until the place closed on it, and still needed to ask Hinrich's mother to help me with something so I could finish in time. Fortunately that something involved writing, and German. Two things I am quite bad at.

A Taste of a Tour of Hanover

On the way home, Hinrich's family decided to drive through certain parts of Hanover they wanted me to see. I got to see the Opera House, the "new" town hall (built in the 1800s. For the record, I asked them why the new town hall used such an old style because I thought they meant new as in built in the last few years, and they laughed). I also saw a gigantic lake in the center of Hanover among other things. Today they intend to give me a more thorough tour by bike.

Lunch and Tea

When we got home, we had lunch. For lunch, we had vegetables (das Gemüse). There were potatoes (die Kartoffeln), Zuchini (die Zuchini), and Onions (die Zweebel). After lunch, we ate tea and played Go Fish. They really seem to enjoy that game which is pretty fun. One of them said "Go fishing", and then I kept accidentally saying it and it became a bad habit xD.

Practicing and Recording Schubert

After tea, we went to the church to practice Schubert. We know a lot of the songs at this point, but are still struggling with a few. Song 4 for instance is my struggle. I realized I'd forgotten the SD card. So Hinrich drove home to get it, and I practiced song 4, but to no avail. I still can't play it well at all. When Hinrich came back, we recorded several songs for next week while we are away. We intend to record more today. Here's the song for this article. It is the last song in the song cycle called "Der Leiermann" and is a very sad song about a street musician. The song ends with the implication in German that the wanderer is committing suicide. I added the translation to the YouTube subtitles in English and Spanish because it is likely boring if you don't understand the words. I will try to add the translations from now on, but it takes time. Here's the recording:

Dinner and after

After recording, we went home and had dinner. We had musli, and I talked with Hinrich and his dad. After dinner, we goofed around at the piano and read through a bunch of different pop and jazz songs. Hinrich's site reading for English was very entertaining. After we played the piano, Hinrich went to bed, and I played a game with Hinrich's parents. The same game we played on the first day. Unfortunately, I still stink at it.


Thanks for reading this! I hope you are enjoying these articles. Sorry if it seems a bit rushed. I am in a hurry this morning. See you in the next article!7

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Thank you for your story @cmp2020. I enjoyed reading. More power!

amazing friend, I really enjoyed reading your Blog🙌☺️

You are gifted. Classical music is played by the intelligent just like you. Whether it's in English, Spanish or any other language, it still speaks to the heart.

What a clean city! I live in the most clean city in Bangladesh. But it is dusty if I compare it to Hanover.

Lovely!! The place, food, everything you are doing is great. Wish to go vacation like this.

Travelling is always a good time in our life. And i think you are more happy this time.