My 2021 trip to Germany - Part 7 - Traveling to Erfurt

5개월 전

Hello everyone! Yet another day has passed. It was a travel day, and the weather was absolutely horrible. We are currently at our apartment in Erfurt. I, being one of the geniuses of our time, left my laptop charger, and outlet adapter at Hinrich's house. So I can only charge my phone. Therefore, I'm posting this from my phone. Let's get into yesterday.


Day 7

Traveling to Erfort


Yesterday I set my alarm for 6am because Hinrich's parents were having breakfast at 7:30am. However, when I woke up, I was very tired so I reset the alarm for 7am. At 7am, I felt less tired, and got up to shower. I had breakfast with Hinrich's parents, and talked to Hinrich's dad a little about European history and politics (since he's a History teacher). For breakfast, we had bread. It was quite good especially since we found some lactose free butter. During breakfast, I also went through each of the photos from Sunday. I deleted the ones I didn't like, or that were duplicates. In all, I still had over 60 pictures that I wanted to include in Sunday's article...

Writing the article and packing

Sunday's article was difficult to write. I wanted to write everything Hinrich's dad had told me about, but I spent over an hour working on just what I had. So I decided to leave it at that.

After finishing the article, I packed for our trip. I packed my suitcase, but was then offered a smaller bag by Hinrich. So I transferred everything to that bag. I tried to make sure I didn't forget anything. In hindsight, I can tell you exactly what I forgot (the first thing being my brain in the US unfortunately).


For lunch we had noodles and meat. It was very good. There was also salad. Sadly I don't remember what we talked about, but we definitely talked because I would have remembered awkward silence.


Our trip and a pit stop to hike

We left around 2pm for Erfurt. It was raining fairly hard. We listened to some podcasts about classical music from the guy who runs inside the score. First we listened to his video about Holst's The Planets. Then we listened to his video about Beethoven's 6th Symphony. After we finished the podcast, we decided to listen to Beethoven's 6th Symphony since Hinrich has the Beethoven symphonies downloaded on Spotify. By the time we started, it had stopped raining. I must say there is nothing like listening to Beethoven's Symphony about nature, and driving through the very kinds of landscapes he himself drew influence from when writing it.

During the third movement, we saw a place that looked cool to Hike. So we pulled over to hike for half an hour. During our hike, we saw an incredible German oak that we each took a picture with. But then it started to rain. So we ran back to our car, and got back on our trip. Fittingly, the fourth movement of the Pastoral was playing (the movement about a storm).

Unfortunately, all of the photos I took during our trip came our looking very dark and gray :(


Erfurt and The Last Kingdom

We arrived at Erfurt around 5pm, and had Musli for dinner. During the trip, something reminded me of the Netflix series "The Last Kingdom". I tried to convince Hinrich to watch the first episode and see what he thinks, but he said he doesn't like that show. So we watched a different show on Netflix, but it turned out to be very bad. So we tried the Last Kingdom, and Hinrich really liked it. So we watched several more episodes before going to bed around 11pm.


Thanks for reading this! I apologize for any grammar errors that may have resulted from typing it on a cellphone. See you in the next article!

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The music is so realtistic and touch my mind. Is it opera?

Too good bro. Fabulous one..

I can't wait to visit.!!!! When your visit will end?

A day with defined strategies. Greetings.

That's quite a surprise that you went to Erfurt. I've been there many times, too. It's an interesting city. How long are you staying?
The Thuringian dialect is certainly a big challenge for you, isn't it?


We are staying here until Friday. I dont really speak German so I havent even noticed the dialect.