My 2021 trip to Germany - Part 8 - Seeing Erfurt

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Hello everyone! Our first day of traveling was a success. We saw much from Erfurt, and this article (along with the articles til Friday) will probably have a lot of pictures. Before beginning, Id like to record this story I forgot to tell yesterday. When Hinrich's family said we were going to Erfurt, it sounded to me like "airport", and I got very confused. Anyway, let's discuss our first day of traveling in Erfurt.


Day 8

Seeing Erfurt

Waking Up and Shopping

This morning, I woke up at 7:30am. I showered and got ready. We did not have any supplies other than what we brought, and therefore had to go to the grocery store.

Hinrich woke up around 8:10am, and we walked to the grocery store. The walk was around 20 minutes, and we passed a big soccer club on the way. Hinrich remarked that they must be really good since they have three fields that are very well kept. We arrived at the super market, and purchased supplies for two meals: bread and musli. This week our food choices will be extremely exciting to read about. I can garuntee its not the worst two college aged guys have ever decided to eat.

We got home around 9am, and had bread for breakfast. The bread knife that came with our apartment was not very sharp. So Hinrich complained a lot about it. Luckily it still worked. After breakfast, I wrote yesterday's article. Formatting on a cell phone is really tedious.

Visiting Erfurt

After breakfast, we got ready and went to take the train to Erfurt. There were a lot of elderly people at our station, and we now assume they are visiting a garden event in Erfurt that we saw. The train eventually came, and there were seats available for us. I also took a picture if one if the trains. You can see that around here somewhere.

The Erfurt Cathedral

The first site we saw was definitely the grandest. It was the Erfurt Cathedral (pictured in the Thumbnail), and wow was it amazing! There is very little that I have seen that compares! According to Wikipedia, the original church was built in 742! It was expanded in the 14th century for St Mary's Cathedral, and Martin Luther was ordained there on April 3rd, 1507. There was also a pretty cool statue which is the picture above. I have no idea who it is. I also learned that the Cathedral houses the oldest Free swinging bells in the world. Here are some more pictures from the outside of the Cathedral.


The Inside of the Cathedral was also spectacular. The altar was beautifuly decorated, and the room was quite peaceful despite how many were there. Unfortunately, Hinrich walked into a steal rod and cracked his phone screen in his pocket. His Face I'd is no longer working, and he didn't fail to mention that every time he tried to use his phone. Here are some pictures of the inside of the Cathedral. Unfortunately, all of the plaques were in German. So I don't know much about the inside of the church, but here are some pictures from the inside.

There was another church right next to the Cathedral. So we went in. The organ and altar looked very cool, and there were paintings depicting scenes from the Passion all the way from Pontious Pilate to the resurrection. Here are some photos

Seeing Erfurt from the Citadel

We then traveled up a lot of stairs to a citadel, and highpoint for viewing the city. The view was spectacular, but unfortunately we did not see much of the citadel because of the garden event taking place. There were a lot of people there for the event, but we still managed to see the city which was really cool. We tried to take a selfie, bselfish, of them came out well. Something cool that I did get a picture of shows where to see all of the sights in the city. Here are some more photos:

The River Houses

One of Erfurt's coolest features is a street of houses that go over a river. We were able to walk on this street, and then see the river. Along this street, we also heard an opera singer singing Ave Maria (among other selections) with an accordion player. Only in Germany. Am I right? Here are some of the photos I got:


For lunch we had Asian food. I had noodles and duck, and Hinrich had rice and duck. Asian food in Germany tastes similar to Asian food in the US.


A Tower

After lunch, we went to a tower to climb, but had to wait for them to disinfect it. I needed to use the bathroom. So Hinrich told me to go into a restaurant and ask to use the bathroom in English so they would know I was an American tourist. They allowed me to, and I saw a piano on my way to the bathroom. I considered playing it, but decided against it.

After some waiting, the tower finally opened up. We went up and saw some excellent views of Erfurt. We could also hear the accordion player playing stereotypical classical music. We laughed because no one gave him any money playing famous Vivaldi and Bach pieces, but as soon as he played Game of Thrones, I passerby gave him some money. He was alright from what I could tell.


Going Home

After we went in the tower, we decided to take the train home. I took an hour nap, and them we watched several episodes of The Last Kingdom. We played a game of chess, or should I say I won a game of chess? And then ate dinner. During dinner, I showed Hinrich this PDQ Bach video:

After dinner, we watched the Soccer game between Munich and Dortmund. After the first half, I began working on this article. I have been rooting for Munich, and they just won! We will now probably watch some more TV, and go to bed.


Thanks for reading this! I hope you enjoyed it, and I look forward to seeing you in my next article!

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It seems that Erfurt is a traditional city. I know a lot from you aboit this city.

Thanks for sharing bro, see and know about new places and new thing, have a good day.