Wonderboom (Wonder Tree)

2개월 전

Hey everyone, yesterday I took my son and his mother to a top tourist hot spot in Pretoria. The Wonderboom (Wonder Tree) is 1000 years old, can you believe that??

The well-known Wonderboom (Afrikaans: 'wonder tree') is a dense grove of parent and daughter trees of the species Ficus salicifolia, that descended from a central bole of about a thousand years old.[1][2] It is situated in the Wonderboom Nature Reserve, Pretoria, and two circular walkways currently protect it from pedestrian traffic around its trunk and roots. As it has grown, its outlying branches have rooted themselves around the parent tree. This has repeated until there are now three layers of daughter trees encircling the mother fig, with 13 distinct trunks, covering a 50-metre area. mmore here as pe wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonderboom_(tree)


I took a video of the whole tree top to bottom and surrounds here:


I trust you have an incredible Tuesday and with Bitcoin doing what it is, why not?

Love and light and be blessed.

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