Saarschleife - splendid view

3년 전

The most stunning scenery along the Saar River is the Saarschleife, 60km northwest of Saarbrücken, where the river makes a spectacular, almost unbelievable hairpin turn.


In a large nature park 6km northwest of Mettlach, the 42m-high viewing platform Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife is reached by a 1.25km elevated walkway above the forest from the car park.

Photo 24-06-2018, 11 40 00.jpg

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I hope.. I was in the boat.. Which is shown 2nd pic... Its a stunning shot 😍


Thank you

Such an unusual and beautiful place!


Yes, thank you 😊


My pleasure! Germany correct?


Great view @cruella

Thanks for sharing such a photo

Looks like an anaconda of water



Thank you, @luciannagy 😊

Woooooow..gut post danke schön 💗 prima