HIPPY TETRIS - Rainbow Gathering in Oregon then Travelling to Ohio!

3년 전

I will be travelling for a month so stay tuned for continued travel vlogs!

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You and @priestesslaura have a great time @ Rainbow and a safe journey back to the old stomping grounds. Looking forward to seeing some of the vids along the way. ~peace


We had an amazing time man. All is safe so far. Just trying to put an energetic protection shield on the van until we can get it to the shop on the east coast. The next video is up!

Wow. I am so grateful for the support :)
Looks like I just got a full tank of gas already.

Blessings of love & light to you all!

So where exactly is the Gathering this year?


I was out of service right after posting this, so I am sorry I couldnt get back to you in time. It was in north eastern Oregon this year. Hopefully Ill see you at next years!


HolySmoke! thanks for responding... So then is it going to be on the east coast next year.. ?


I have no idea on that one my friend. I'm not involved in the counsel or those decisions, but I will let you know when I start hearing rumors about next years.

That cool man, I did that type of thing when I was your age, very fun dude!


That's awesome man. Where all did you travel and for how long?

great .
I too love travelling.

I luv traveling ...keep traveling dear nice post.

Traveling, even if I'm not doing it right now, it is always nice to hear from others. Travel away ! :)

Have fun!!!


That's a given. I always have fun!

Happy travels! Say hi to all other steemians attending to the Rainbow gathering from me. So many people are heading that way it seems! Too bad we live on the other side of the world :( Have fun and looking forward to more videos!


Ahhh I wish we could have had a Rainbow Steem meetup! What country are you in? The next video is up btw!


Cambodia... a steemit rainbow meeting would be so cool! Have a great day!

@crystalgeometry wow that's super impressive. Your nex flat looks comfortable in its own way :P Man, following you and waiting for next stories!
Please check my strories about Warsaw. Maybe you will visit Poland one day :) All the best!


Thanks :)
The next video is up!
I will def check out you page.
Poland would be awesome!

Nice! I love your van set up. Have fun! :)


Thanks :)
It is still a work in progress, but I am very happy with it so far.

Great video keep it up bro.


Will do :)

I hear a lot of people saying I want to do this.

And you 2 actually doing it, cool!