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Featured Author: @ybanezkim26
Kim's Quest #7: Things to Do in Toledo City, Cebu

Image property of @ybanezkim26

Kim's Quest is a series of travel posts that @ybanezkim26 has been writing for a while now, aiming to transmit all kind of impressions about the travel destinations, while reliving the experience. In this 7th edition, we get to enjoy the first-handed tour around Toledo City, Cebu (Philippines), through Kim's great article.

As he tells, Toledo City may appear as it has nothing remarkable at first sight. Being its slogan "the copper city with a heart of gold", a variety of monotonous images of a mining city might come up. @ybanezkim26 shows the opposite, introducing us to the kind of hidden beauty that many non-touristic destinations have. To plan and execute the weekend trip wasn't easy, but I'd say the adventure paid off. From how to get there, to the many awesome things to do and the amazing places to explore, I'm sure Kim's writing and beautiful photos will leave you with at least a bit of curiosity about Toledo City.

Images property of @ybanezkim26

When travelling, it will not be always a smooth ride. There will always be roadblocks along the way. By choosing carefully who you're with in your travels, it will definitely be a huge factor in your experience. Make sure to choose those who are always cool to explore. As much as possible, never travel with control freaks and over thinkers.

Just explore more in the area that you will be travelling. You might be surprised if what's in store for you that's not in the tourists guide. Be patient in wandering around since most gems are hidden in plain sight.

Respect everyone's belief. Do not impose yourself when you are in a different territory. As I always say, you're just a tourist or a traveller. Don't act like a conqueror. — @ybanezkim26

A bit about @ybanezkim26:

Image property of @ybanezkim26

Kim Ybañez is a Chemical Engineer by profession and works as a Product Engineering Supervisor in a semiconductor company in Cebu, Philippines. He sees himself as a frustrated traveler since he can’t really travel as often as he would like. Being the oldest of three siblings and having assumed several responsibilities, he is still to completely develop his passion for traveling farther and frequently and maintaining a travel website. However, I believe he has been doing great here on Steemit, sharing his travel stories with us.

I think it's a good thing that my travels are still in Cebu and its neighboring island provinces because I am able to promote those hidden gems. I guess I'm not a typical traveller because I hate to be with a lot of people in a particular place. Together with my friends, we usually visit places very early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Travel blogging was one of things I wanted to do since I was young and Steemit made it happen. I didn't have any website before Steemit so I can say that I'm a pure blood Steemian. — @ybanezkim26

Admire the hidden beauty of Toledo City with @ybanezkim26, here.

Featured Author: @vcclothing
A day with the Ghanzi Bushmen in Botswana - African Adventure

Image property of @vcclothing

As it appears from his latest blog entries about Africa, @vcclothing is quite a wild adventurer. In Botswana, he and his friends got to spend a day with the Ganzhi Bushmen, learning a few things about their culture and habits. A day full of crazy experiences: from joining them in their traditional hunting routine to sighting a pair of majestic giraffes and then witnessing a strange healing ritual (with a dash of occidental awkwardness, I may say). @vcclothing's photographs and narration will surely catch your attention quickly, and reveal to you a bit of the magical landscapes and culture of Africa, from his point of view.

Images property of @vcclothing

We got to our campsite and set up our tent. Had some lunch and waited for the heat to die down so we could meet up with the bushmen to go on a bush walk where they will teach us how to live off the land out here. Once the bushmen showed up they were all clicking in their native language. They tried to teach us some click words. It was so cool I felt like I was on the set of the Gods must be crazy. We headed out for our walk and the ladies were looking for berries that we could eat off the bushes, while the men were teaching us how to tell the difference between different footprints in the sand. They showed us the different trees that they used to make their bows and arrows and the tree root they used to make the bags to carry the arrows.

A quick demonstration of how they hunt with their bows was really cool. They go out in pairs or by themselves. Always checking which way the wind was blowing by dropping sand to the ground so the animal wouldn't pick up their scent then they can get close in for the kill. As we walked around the bush following the animal footprints we turned a corner around some bushes and there they were… two giant giraffes!! — @vcclothing

Go to @vcclothing’s article to know how the day ended, it gets crazier!

A bit about @vcclothing:

Image property of @vcclothing

You can call me G. My bed is located in Brisbane, Australia. I run a clothing label/screen-printing business called VC Clothing. I love to travel, I have been to 4 of the great wonders of the world, and I love to rollerblade (street skating).

I have put on numerous rollerblade competitions in Australia and have spent 4 years in Beijing, China doing rollerblade shows at a theme park called Happy Valley. Shooting pics and videos, drinking beer and shit talking with my mates are a few of my favorite things. — @vcclothing

Catch a glimpse of Ganzhi Bushmen’s culture with @vcclothing, here.

Featured Author: @ecoswell
The Search for Sustainable Surfing at Lobitos, Peru - EcoSwell Director’s Note

Image property of @ecoswell

About the photo:

Ramón Espinoza barreling deep at the final heat of the Volcom “El Hueco” 2018 competition at Lobitos, Peru. An oil rig looms at the distance on the far right corner, barely visible. The natural assets for world-class surf tourism exist in Lobitos, but do we possess the planning that it takes to make it sustainable? — @diego-ecoswell

Diego Almendrades, @ecoswell's Director of Sustainable Development, Economy and Finances, wrote a highly interesting article about the organization's progress on securing and preserving sustainable surfing in Lobitos, Peru, where @ecoswell is based. In a journalistic way, Diego drives us through the recent accomplishments of and for the community, all while showing some awesome photos of the surfers that make life in Lobitos. The @ecoswell team aims to create a positive impact on the legislation and development of Peru, to protect and guarantee the surfing lifestyle for future generations.

Image property of @ecoswell

Last year was an incredible year for surfing and the conservation of waves breaks in Peru, especially for Lobitos, Talara, the world-class surfing town where the main EcoSwell headquarters are located and where we deliver most of our impact through much-needed sustainability projects.

One of these projects started in 2016 whereby we led the local chapter of the national “Hazla Por tu Ola” campaign by Conservamos Por Naturaleza, which consisted of raising funds to get various surf breaks in Lobitos protected by Peruvian law from any further constructions, buildings or industrial developments which could affect the coastal and marine morphology that forms these perfect waves. Peru is the first country in the world to have special legislation for this, but any wave break that needs protection has to be entered into a national registry along with a specific technical study (showing information about waves, bathymetry and coastal profile for each point) which needs to be funded. Therefore, every single wave break needs to be fundraised for in order to make it into the list of waves protected by law and enforced by the Peruvian Marine. — @ecoswell

Image property of @ecoswell

Despite of all the problems and complexities, it is not late yet and we are still in time for a crucial turning point to help define the future of Lobitos, of its surf and of its tourism towards long-lasting sustainability. That is why EcoSwell is working with local stakeholders and national and international partners to achieve the next big step towards the conservation of the waves there and the organization of the surf tourism economy around it. — @ecoswell

A bit about @ecoswell:

Image property of @ecoswell

@ecoswell is a surfing inspired not-for-profit NGO whose mission is to design and develop socio-environmental, educational and infrastructure projects with the purpose of guiding the development of vulnerable communities through a path of sustainability.

We improve the lives of those in need and help protect our natural environment. Our approach towards sustainability has three pillars: 1) conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems, natural resources and biodiversity, 2) participatory processes of social inclusion and gender equality, and 3) economic wellbeing. — @ecoswell

Read about @ecoswell’s outstanding work towards surfing sustainability, here.

Featured Author: @cheah
Red River Part 1

Image used by @cheah

In @cheah's work of fiction, we follow the electrifying story of Will Connor, member of Riveria City's law enforcement elite group, the STS, destinated to act in the most threatening and complex situations that no one else would handle. @cheah's brilliant writing is guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your chair, recreating with high detail the actions of the team during a tricky and very unusual hostage situation. Here’s an excerpt of the story that will surely leave you eager to continue reading.

This was the nightmare scenario. Multiple active shooters and hostage takers, possibly Elect and/or Husks. Multiple hostages. No way of confirming details, no means of reaching the subjects. No backup. No margin for error. Madness.

Will Connor lived for this shit.

The SkyBear gravtruck soared silently through the clear autumn morning. Standing in the cupola, all Connor heard was the whispering wind. Innumerable blued glass windows and steel gray struts rushed past like a waterfall. The SkyBear was flying in complete contradiction of accepted doctrine, its rear end exposed to the skyscraper, and Connor couldn’t help but think of the windows as an army of hungry eyes, eager to betray the ascending vehicle to the building’s inhabitants.

He wrapped his right hand around the grip of his M262 General Purpose Machine Gun, planted his left hand on the stock, and leaned into the weapon.

And waited.

Nobody knew what the hell was happening on the 38th floor of Ringo Plaza. A mixed-use office and residential tower, it proved irresistible to the three religions that dominated the city of Riveria. The floor plan suggested that the New Gods had carved up the floor space among themselves in an equitable fashion. The truce ended an hour ago, when Riveria PD received multiple calls of gunfire, bloodshed, and magic.

Witnesses reported men who transformed into beasts, flung fire from their hands, shot beams from their eyes. The hallmark of the Elect of the New Gods. RPD’s SWAT team was outclassed and outgunned, and none of the New Gods seemed interested in ending the affray.

That left the STS. (…) — @cheah

A bit about @cheah:

Image property of @cheah

Benjamin Cheah is a writer from Singapore, whose works are, in his own words, predominantly science fiction and fantasy, with a taste for action-packed thrillers and meticulous research. Here are some other facts about him.

Writing aside, I served 2 years of National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces. Since 2014, I have been practicing the Filipino martial art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali. In addition, I have a huge array of interests: current affairs, politics, philosophy, mindset, religion, spirituality, meditation, personal growth, video games, technology and so on and so forth. In future posts, I plan to expound on them and articulate my thoughts on anything and everything that inspires me to write.

One thing most people don't know about me is that I have synesthesia. To be precise, multiple forms of synesthesia. Sounds and smells trigger flashes of colour and ghostly tactile sensations. Anything I touch is overlaid with colours in my mind, and exposure to vivid colours create the sensation of pressure on my body. When I look at something, it’s as if I am feeling its surfaces and contours with my face. I can feel the distance between myself and an object simply by how it feels: the greater the tactile sensation, the closer it is to me. Yes, life can get weird sometimes. — @cheah

Enjoy the first piece of @cheah’s cyberpunk fiction, here.

Featured Author: @islanderman
An original song by IslanderMan - Timmen innan midnatt

This song is proof that music has no language. Despite being written in Swedish, @islanderman's beautiful voice and skilled guitar playing will bring up your emotions. In my opinion, and without knowing the meaning of the lyrics, the song has a tone that resembles an epic Viking tale, sung in a soft but fierce way. Let’s see what @islanderman has said about it.

I decided to record an old text I wrote a while ago. It tells about unhappy and "forbidden" love and the following revolution needed for people to be able to freely love the one they love. — @islanderman

A bit about @islanderman:

Image property of @islanderman

Simon, also known as @islanderman, is a 29-years-old entrepreneur living in Brännskär, a small island in the Turku archipielago (Finland). Besides sharing his awesome music, he also posts about the Finnish lifestyle, some stunning photographs of his own, some gaming and a series of vlogs called Simon & Ida.

I'm a gamer, musician, composer, actor with a bachelor's degree in arts, who jumped on a completely different path a few years ago. Since then my main focus has been building a company together with a good friend of mine. Nowadays we run a popular guest harbor for tourist boats in a traditional Finnish archipelago environment. We also do traditional net fishing, baking, cultural events, adventure activities and much more. The way we do stuff around here has developed into a lifestyle. — @islanderman

Be amazed by @islanderman’s original song, here.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @zoexantelamv (Zoe Anavid Moreno Vaamonde) at times with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.

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