Curie Author Showcase (January 11, 2019)

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Image property of @lordnigel

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Featured Author: @lordnigel
Lord Nigel's Travels - Cambodia - Siem Reap Temples

Images property of @lordnigel

You know what we really need, an enlightening journey, an awesome adventure or a mysterious travel, fortunately for all of us @lordnigel is the man that can achieve all of that with just one post, he put us in the direction to visit several Cambodian temples with him, an experience full of discoveries, nature and ancient buildings!

Images property of @lordnigel

many people may know Cambodia as the home to the ultra cute and friendly Sun and moon bears! what fantastic creatures - they are like large friendly dogs, got to love them :) But I's post is about exploring the many ancient temples in the Siem Reap vicinity - This area is well known for its many ancient temples. -@lordnigel

And ancient temples is just the opening line, this journey full of tuk tuk riding is from another world, the unique amount of temples that the region has to offer made this post a joy ride for any fan of history, archaeology, and nature, you can see how all of those elements blend in each building and location, a setting like this is what movies aspire for!

Featured Author: @onemedia
Game Design Principles I Learned from Fallout Part 1: The Broad Brush

Images property of @loreshapergames

Now from a real-life adventure in temples and jungles let's jump to the virtual worlds where we'll have an extraordinary masterclass from @loreshapergames on on how to understand game mechanics and design using layers to build up the interactions in the in-game world using the fantastic example of 1997 game Fallout

Images property of @loreshapergames

Games have a powerful potential to bring us together; we know that play has a psychological role in shaping our development, and game design is an art that deserves to be explored like any other. With more and more emphasis on spectacle enabled by increased power pervading video games, it's worth returning to classics to see how their technique manages to pull together stories and mechanics that transcend boundaries and time. - @loreshapergames

Yes, believe it or not game design is a huge responsibility nowadays, the renaissance artists went back to the Greeks looking for the classics, we go back to gems like 1997's Fallout to re-explore the beauties of layered game design, and how this gives you freedoms and a really good foundation to expand on the worlds your building, this system not only lets you have a versatile main character for RPGs but a reliable blueprint for any kind of game with RPG characteristics.

Featured Author: @mariusfebruary
Pachelbel - Canon in D (classical guitar)

Images property of @mariusfebruary

Why don't we engage in the fine pleasure of music appreciation shall we? Oh, I have the perfect piece, I bet you know this one, is the world renowned Pachelbel Canon in D, but I bet you've never ever heard this beautiful rendition on the classical guitar that @mariusfebruary has stored for us, I'll leave you a couple of minutes alone to really appreciate his work.

This piece combines perfectly the original texture of the composition while adding the tender feel of the six-stringed instrument, the original composer Per-Olov Kindgren made a fine adaptation to this instrument, but all the praise for tonight's performer who mainly focuses his content on crypto and the ventures of the blockchain and it's technologies, stumbling upon this on his blog was a surprise, but a welcome one!

Featured Author: @davidvar

Images property of @davidvar

We had a post just about music what about a video now? @davidvar got his camera running to show us a beautiful video of the last day of the year, the footage is a collection of shots taken in various locations from Vancouver that aim to highlight the natural wonders and the sophisticated traditions of that night.

Having a background working on video production it is no surprise that the magic behind this video lies in the editing work, it takes off with a sunrise and ends with one as well giving the sensation that a day passed while watching the video, the segments between sunrises are in and chronological order too adding to the "timelapse" experience, that in combination with the soothing music selection gives the watcher that serene last-day-of-the-year feeling!

Featured Author: @longer
Inktober Day 31 "slice"

Images property of @longer

Let's finish this showcase with some art, with brushpen and ink ready @longer finished a delayed piece from the Inktober craze, but soon you'll understand why it took him so long, the amount of details are amazing, you can see a hundred stories in each corner of the piece.

Images property of @longer

Today I want to share with you a picture that originally should have been posted more than 2 months ago - my last piece from inktober series. This one is A3 sized paper (twice the size of my other inktobers) and I took my time doing it through almost all december. slooow, I know. Hope you like it. - @longer

It may be a little late for Inktober but it is all worth it, not only is it bigger than his previous work it is better too. The fisheye lens effect that he added to the artwork is amazing and makes the kitchen feel more crowded than it already is. Besides every action of each character in the images comes with a face full of feelings and expressions, he may have arrived late and his ink cartridge went empty but this piece is a full on story.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @elfranz (Franz) at times with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.

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ahh... that's a amazing picture... wish to see more like this... which camera have you use? greetings from the south

Thanks for featuring my post (love the way you review and present all the great works and efforts of Steemians).