My Trip to cuba! Havana <3 - Picture series

4년 전

Hey my dear followers and everybody else!

I have been to cuba last summer and recently looked at all the pictures i took during that time. I have been quite surprised by how amazing some of them looked :P Anyways I decided to share them here, maybe you guys are interested :)

Also, I will post more cryptocurrency charts soon haha^^ I hope you enjoyed your eBoost gains ;)

Hope you like these snapshots of my last trip :) Maybe i will also post more pictures of other parts of cuba, if you guys like stuff like that :P

Love you all <3

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I love travelling. If you got more pictures post them. I was planning on going to Cuba but now they'll be blacklisted again in the US so I guess it won't happen.


trumps work?.. that's bs..


He's not wrong. Their socialist system screws their people. I have an uncle who has gone and its not all pretty. I know why he did it and don't blame him for that decision.

that is awesome. I have not been to the Cuba. I have been to most of the surrounding islands. How was the weather like? Did it rain a lot and fast?


not at all^^

Very nice photos! upvoted @roused

thats beautiful place..

Awesome photos!

nice post @curlyhead
I Follow you now.. please follow me

Nice! I just saw a documentary about a woman who runs multiple taxi cars in Cuba. I think that pink one was one of hers.