Travel Tip: National Theatre in Prague, symbol of Czech cultural heritage and national identity

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

Welcome to my Travel Tip edition where I promote some of the most beautiful places, interesting landmarks and impressive architectural sites of my homeland, the Czech Republic.

Today, I am going to provide you with some cultural experience as I will take you to National Theatre in Prague.

Source: Shutterstock, image: Jule_Berlin

Situated on the bank of the Vltava River in the historic center of Prague, the National Theatre is one of the most iconic landmarks of the Czech capital as well as one of the most important national monuments of Czech art and history.

Source: Shutterstock, image: Dziorek Rafal

The cornerstone of this majestic building was laid in 1868 but it was not until 1881 when the theatre was officially opened. Unfortunately, soon after that, the theatre was badly damaged by a fire and it has to rebuild and reopened two years later, in 1883.

What makes the National Theatre even more special for the Czech people is the fact that the construction of the building was actually funded from a nationwide collection.

Astoundingly beautiful from the outside, the theatre is just impressive in the inside too, decorated with paintings, sculptures and statues by the most renowned Czech artists of the 19th century.

Source: Shutterstock, image: gary718

These days, the National Theatre hosts three artistic ensembles: opera, ballet and drama. If you are fan of any of these, you should definitely book a ticket as watching a performance in the National Theatre of the Czech Republic is an unforgettable cultural experience.

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hi @czechglobalhosts,it is very great to see that you are promoting your homeland Czech Republic,You are true "patriot" and really every place that you have introduce with us is really very beautiful.National Theatre in Prague looks very beautiful.thanks to share with us.upvoted and resteemed


I was going to say the same thing , better to upvote this comment.
Thanks for sharing your homeland and culture.


Thanks to upvote my comment @buster544 and supporting me


Thank you so much! I do appreciate your positive comment. Have a good one. Tomas

Great post with wonderful picture and information about it...
Great to hear that you are promoting your country in steem and i would love to visit it someday...@czechglobalhosts


Hopefully you can. It is definitely worth it. Tomas


Yes it was pleasure to see your comment..@czechglobalhosts

Very nice place to travel, i remenber this place in the Movie Mission Imposible...


Haha, you are right.... Prague was featured there:)

This is a definite on my list. we are still planning to stay for a month or so, doing a Christmas tour of northern Europe, mainly around Germany, Poland, but also time in Prague. Which week would be best to plan to hit the most festivals there?


I am glad to hear that. Sounds like a perfect vacation. To be honest I prefer Autumn or Spring, the months of September/October and May/June purely because of the weather. Summers can get too hot for sightseeing and winters too cold. Unless you are planning to see the Christmas markets that are rated as on of the best in the world.... In either case enjoy! Tomas


yes, we plan on doing a Christmas market type tour of Northern Europe, looking for special events and festivals happening on certain days.

Love Prague! Amazing city! Been there three times now. Is the beer still cheaper than the water? ;) hahaha
Some great night photos showing its beauty.


LOL, it sure is:)... you gotta love my country... Tomas

Nice lighting view

a historic place that must be visited by the world community, this discussion is quite good, surely many people who are interested in your post. thanks for sharing

it's your home town i must say its really beautiful... look like my dream place i would like to visit because its seems so beautiful and amazing hope i can visit in future ☺

it's really seems a very beautiful place, the architecture of these beautiful place just amazed me alot 😊 really a great place @czechglobalhosts

Actually, this is amazing, wanna see more post like this, so follow you, keep in touch and keep sharing, happy weekend.

i hope good travel .nice place.

All your photos are awesome @czechglobalhosts, at least from Steemit we can know about those place. Thank you for create this contest to show the world by photography.

Really beautiful indeed.

Wow...very beautiful travel, amazing post, thanks for sharing

it was one of the best post on steemit love it sir!

@czechglobalhosts Such a great article & nice photography
##Upvote/Resteem###Wow Jerry that was a lot of work, thank you!
I will check them out when I get home this evening and can sit down and read.

Nice post

Amazing Ariticle, i like your post...

How i wish i could visit such amazing places as like this places on your post.

its so beautifull spcecially from top it look more awesome and exellent also your shot of night good like as gold @czechglobalhosts

Well Tomas! this time you brought something very historic in terms of Cultural aspects. It is very sadden to know that it was badly damaged by a fire but Czech Nation built it more beautifully later. Especially The Vltava River is giving it an alluring view.

By the way I have been an actor in plays during my University days and i love Theaters . One thing really gained my attention as you said,

What makes the National Theatre even more special for the Czech people is the fact that the construction of the building was actually funded from a nationwide collection.

This shows that as Nation you people are united <3 which is really appreciable thing.

Keep spreading the Peace & Harmony.

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Very beautiful place, although I do not like the drama, but because of the location and the architecture of the building is so beautiful, makes me want to go there, Thanks Tomas you always explain it in solid brief but very clear.

it seems beautiful.. Wishing to visit these type place having alot of historical places @czechglobalhosts thank u for sharing its a wonderfull histrorical are soo luckey to see that place bro ..i have no chance to see that wonderfull places like you...nice travel trip.. i think you enjoyed a lot in this travel..have a nice day bro..thank you for sharing with us..

Such beauty... it is surely breath-taking! If I end up travelling to Prague, I'll need to remind myself to visit the National Theatre... even if only for the amount of history there is to it.

Verry good post fowllo and vote I'm thanks you so much

the inspiration starts from here wow

Wow gorgeous building and amazing architecture. When I visited I did not know that was a theater but guessed it was something like that. I have never been one to be interested in Opera when I was younger but lately I have started to be more interested in theater. Thanks for sharing.