Holiday In The Lake District

2년 전

Two weeks ago I went on vacation in the Lake district (U.K.). Here are some of the things I saw.

This is Wray Castle. It was built in the mid 1800's by some rich people who's cottage roof got blown off in a storm. I guess that made them decide to go big and strong!

Here is a great looking tree on the shores of Lake Windamere with a very inviting sitting branch.

This little bridge house was originally built to store apples. The stream underneath gave it natural cooling.

This is a view from the top of Helvellyn which is the tallest peak in England. Though by my standards that isn't very tall :)

Nikki is playing mountain goat!

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I just loved your previous Stantdon moon post and I am actually so jealous that how do you take out time for vacations and enjoy btw very nice photo and i just love your blogs.


Thank you so much @dhabal. I have slowed down a lot on my blog posts because it seems like no one really reads them anyway. I'm really happy that you enjoy them :) You made my day!


Well @danpaulson if you will think so then you are never gonna be happy I am a very enthusiastic reader of your posts , if it would have been possible then I would definitely take a flight from India and join you . Your posts are too engaging so please don't stop many people are just fan of your posts like me and the people who are not reading your posts are just going to repent. You keep going.

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@joeparys I think you are on udemy too because I have enrolled in your courses and they are too good

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