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The next hotel we stayed at was London Beach. The hotel was quite nice with newly remodeled rooms and construction was ongoing at the resort. The beach itself wasnt that interesting. The nicest beaches in the Philippines are in the central part of the country and the nicer beaches here are out on smaller islands. The resort at london beach had claim to one small section of beach maybe 100 yards long. At any rate, there are plenty of beaches where I live and I just wanted to dip my toes in the Pacific for the first time.

We were there for only one night but we stopped by the beach twice (a short walk from our room) and generally enjoyed the quiet away from the city.

While not exactly related to our stay there, one of the things we did while we were there was to go bowling.

By default, bowling is a little different in the Philippines than what you are probaly used to in the U.S. The ball and pins are much smaller. Scoring is much the same except that you always get 3 tries to get all the pins. The larger pins and balls are available too but this seems to not be the norm.

This particular bowling alley was like a step back it time. No automation here. There was a person who reset the pins for you and scoring was by pen and paper. Despite the differences, the environment is very much like any other bowling alley you might me used to.

Next up...the Earth shakes...

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