Trip Advisor Are Not To Be Trusted

2개월 전

I will NEVER trust Trip Advisor.

They have been informed numerous times by many people of the serious allegations of rape and sexual abuse at Agama Yoga in Thailand. They have also been informed about fake five star reviews, especially the ones that appeared in a flurry after the abuses were explored in The Guardian, back in 2018.

Agama Yoga is still operating, still being run by the same "alleged" serial sexual abuser; and still being supported by Trip Advisor, who have done NOTHING to warn people of what has been happening for years at Agama Yoga.

The reason why they are "allegations" is because the man who masquerades under the name, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, is "alleged" to have paid the police off. Thailand is well known for such corruption. Also, it uses an utterly ridiculous statute of limitations, applied to cases of rape and sexual abuse, of only three months, which is utterly ridiculous!!! There should be NO limitations. A crime is a crime!

Here is the relevant Trip Advisor page. You would think from the glopwing and often fake reviews that Agama Yoga was a save haven for those interested in Tantric Yoga. It isn't!

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