Introducing St. Wolfgang, Austria

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St. Wolfgang Im Salzkammergut, as the Austrians most commonly call this place, is a charming little town tucked on the shores of Wolfgangsee Lake. The panorama of this small town at the foot of Schafberg Mountain is a scene to remember.

St. Wolfgang, Austria

History of St. Wolfgang begins in the 14th century with the construction of the first pilgrimage houses under the auspices of the nearby Mondsee Monastery. The town grew in the following centuries to flourish in the 18th and 19th centuries thanks to the neighboring town of Bad Ischl, which housed the imperial summer residence at the time.

St. Wolfgang, Austria

For St. Wolfgang I didn't hear until I saw him across the lake and, drawn by the sight of its amazing panorama, checked his name on the map. After a couple of days, I visited him, but that's another story.

St. Wolfgang, Austria

A couple of years later, quite unexpectedly, I spent ten days on the shores of Wolfgangsee Lake overlooking St. Wolfgang. That year the world once again showed how small it was. It turns out that a good friend of mine decided to visit the place his grandmother had lived in for almost all her life - St. Wolfgang ... but that's a whole different story once again... For now, I leave you to enjoy the panorama and imagine the beauty of this place when it has deserved so many visits.

Until then, all the best.

St. Wolfgang, Austria

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