Traveling in Thailand - Going from Koh Tao to Hua Hin


Another traveling day in Thailand

Today, we say goodbye to the nice little island Koh Tao, wich will see us - for sure - again some time.

After a 1.5 hour ferry tour with a lot of waves and luckily not many seasick people we reached the city of Chumphon.

So, we now have to wait for leaving the ferry ship and than we have to wait - even longer - for the Bus. Before we have to queue to get our tickets. Arrgghl - I hate wasting time

Suddenly a damn cold can of Singha showed up


Sure, if someone is asking for my help to empty this one, he can count on me. Even at 12:30 🕧 at noon, as long as it holiday.

Some impressions from our trip

Ticket Desk

I have no clue why I did this picture. ;-)
But even if you already booked your ticket, did the first part of you journey, you need to go there and confirm the next part to get a seat at the bus.


Our map for the trip today

This means getting up at 6:30, pack the luggage, have an early breakfast to reach the transport to the ferry to wait there for nothing. Means organization of this travel things in Thailand is safe but slow. Anyway, we are in vacation and I used the waiting time with some messages on discord and some comments on steem.


##Ferry Info


Our Ferry?!?

Sometimes traveling comes with interesting transport. Wich one did we use?


Yes, the Cat. But I used already a few other ones. The old models have their own fun and you have to be prepared to get wet at a long long journey - but it is fun.

Luggage transport

No words.


Finally the call

It was far after 10:15 as we got queued up to enter the Cat.


Transport by Mini Bus

As being a born German I have to mention that the 13:00 🕐 Bus wasn’t going (tsstsss) and after waiting some more 45 Minutes, we where stuffed into a Mini Bus with a group of other people.

Now our journey to Hua Hin started.

Looking out of the window

There is not much to see on this street. Some houses, shops, cars, trucks and every few minutes the horn from our driver.


No sleep till Hua Hin

So, I started to write this blogpost for you, that you feel the fun I had during this trip.

Looking out of the window


Looking again out of the window


We do a stop

Yes, the ladies asked for - you know what - and we stopped at a huge shop.

Do you know what I found at one of their fridge??

Yes, another beer for the road

As this one was so cold that you nearly can’t touch it,

Better get two - I said to myself


So, in a while we will reach Hua Hin, a city I heard before and never visited it. Stay tuned for some pictures and some stories.

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Two for the road. Cheers!

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Nice little window into your life. I just got on Steemit and active recently. I have just spent ten years in Cambodia and now living with my Cambodian wife and kids here in Paramaribo, Suriname. I already miss SE Asia very much, but we are happy here. Your post was a nice reminder of times past. I gave you a follow and resteemed your post. I'll stay tuned for more adventures. If you want, have a look at my first post and let me know you think. Nice story @detlev.


Hi @justinparke, thanks for your comment. Suriname sounds as well quite nice. At least it is on my top 50 travel destination list. Love to see a few posts about this.

If you like beer, see more of what I do at @beerlover and the #BeerSaturday

I'm sure this is the funniest and most informative #beersaturday post ever :)


Hope you will be back in time for #steemmeetupaachen7 ... but as you'll be the organizer this should be ok ;)

Enjoy your trip(s)!!!


Whenever an author is sitting way to long in a small mini Bus, has way to less beer and something to write on - a post like this might happen.

Great to see that you enjoyed it.

Fantastic journey @detlev!

Congrats from the #cryptopub on getting Beer token to the staking level. I missed out on that part of the crowd funding but have sent @beerlover some steem to help on this next phase.

Doesn't hurt to have a full virtual fridge if you are a pub on the blockchain!


Nice warm country to enjoy cold beers, enjoyed the fun on the way. You actually need a 6 pack cooler bag on a warm trip like that (just thinking aloud), safe journey @detlev

HAHAH ein gescheites !BEER für dich



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Awesome I love Thailand and their cheap beer!

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Instead of wasting time, you had a beer to drink, sounds like a great way of spending time productively!! LOL. Here is another !BEER for you, cheers!!

Hua Hin is one of the more popular resort towns of Thailand and is more famous than the actual province it is located -- Prachuap Khiri Khan. I've only just started using this new social media platform and came upon this post, and inspired to post about this province which is my second home, and home to many Germans like yourself who also enjoy beer.