Vienna - imperial and modern.

5년 전

Vienna - a city with a unique ancient history, ancient palaces where luxury blends with modern architecture, majestic squares coexist with pretty little streets.

No wonder Vienna is called the heart of Europe.

The enormous cultural wealth, miraculously preserved, despite the first and second world war in which Austria participated actively, eventful history, the special atmosphere of the city attracts tourists.

One of the palaces, which is certainly worth a visit is the winter residence of the Habsburgs - Hofburg.

This ensemble of 19 palaces and 18 buildings, numbering about 2,600 rooms. Pomposity buildings than it resembles St. Petersburg But of course around the Austrian cleanliness and order. Now Hofburg- is the location of the official residence of the President of Austria, but is a not a gated community on its territory there are about fifty of service apartments, which are managed by the municipality. You can dream up, as one landing neighbors come out to smoke - President and plumber looking for sewerage.
Even necessarily need to see the stables, situated in the center of the complex. Dressage horse is a special breed almost daily show. But the cleanliness of the stables, as an army parade ground!

To explore all of Vienna cultural monuments need more than one week.

But the city is famous not only that. Widely known small Viennese coffee houses serving strudel and the world-famous cakes "Sacher". Of course the prices bite, but not every day you find yourself in a Viennese coffee house.

Even a trip to the local diner can turn into a small tour of memorable places. Especially pleasant surprise may be a circle, which is issued as a gift with purchase strudel.
It is very interesting to go down in the Vienna subway, visit the Parliament and its surrounding parks.

Vienna is unpredictable and varied.

This imperial cold monumental buildings, and the heat of the small cafes, shops and the high cost of quality of life (Vienna many years in the first place among the cities of Europe in terms of convenience and quality of life) A visit to this city on the Danube will leave the lifetime memory!

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