Travel: Dubai Miracle Garden

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Hello lovely steemians, hope you are having a good weekend or about to start a good one if you ever find yourself visiting Dubai someday then make sure to visit the world's largest natural flower garden.

The City of Dubai is good at taking a big desert patch and transforming it something really beautiful, Dubai is also known of trying to break every record out there and this time they did exactly that with the biggest natural flower garden ever built.

Going to Dubai would be enough of a dream, but Dubai Miracle Garden is like something out of a fairy tale. The world’s largest natural flower garden is 721,000 square feet and boasts more than 45 million flowers. Flowers range from petunias, geraniums, and marigolds and are sculpted to look like giant castles, boats, cars, peacocks, and pyramids. There’s even an enormous clock made out flowers that display Dubai time.

While the garden itself is world record holder as if that is not enough, the garden also holds the Guinness Book of Records spot for longest flower wall.

Enjoy this colorful place:







Dubai Miracle Garden.jpg




I do hope you enjoyed the above photos and I do suggest to visit this garden when you come to Dubai, It is definitely worth your time.

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I have never seen tor heard about this garden in Dubai! Glad to see yet another Steemian display their workon Steemit!! 😊

I decided to give back something to the great community, by showing how I would edit your picture and maybe spark some discussion.


Let me know if you like or dislike my edit! Lets get some actual discussion started on our great platform, instead of the superficial: "great post" or "beautiful picture" comments =)

👋 from Amsterdam



Well now you know about it, and hope you make it to Dubai and see it someday, As for the photo editing I definitely like it more than the original, the green seems more dark and subtle in your retouching which I really like, thanks for this lovely comment and contribution to the post.


You did some super decent work with the angles you worked the garden. It feels so crazy that they just decided to built it. Thanks for your walk around and post mate!

and you are super welcome

Greetings from Amsterdam


this garden is A piece of paradise this content easley i can call it a high quality content
Good job bro


Thank you Anas for your confirmation and hope to catch you soon.

We will go to Dubai next month and definitely, we'll see Miracle Garden if they're still open.


Good to know that this post has served someone, I believe it will still be open and let me know if you need any help around Dubai, will be happy to support a fellow steemian.


Thank you very much!

Woooow very beautiful


Indeed it is,


i really like dubai, i saw on tv dubai very good and advanced.
one day I want to visit dubai.

Very nice,, i have a new my post,, plase help..


Thank you!

That is incredible!!!!! I'd love to see that! I love flowers.


Hope you do as well, and if not tell Mr. Farmer to make you one :)

That place looks amazing. It looks almost fake. Thank you for sharing.


I am not surprised that so many people are asking if it is real, the garden is just out of ordinary.

true friend dubai beautiful flower garden no 1 in the world, a very good post friends.


Thank you @putry01

Amazinnnnnggg. I loved it


Thank you!

OMG thats not a real place is it


As real as it gets.

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Did you see anyone accepting cryptocurrencies in Dubai? Would love to go there one day


People do buy cryptocurrencies in Dubai, I can see some cars being sold and apartments as well for cryptocurrencies.


I saw an article that an entire condo complex sold out, all for bitcoin


Yes a developer made a complex which he sold half for fiat and the other half for Bitcoin, I am not it is sold out or not.

That's a very beautiful photography I want to be able to go there

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waw the garden is very beautiful and big, would have been very nice to be there

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thanks for sharing my friends, i love photography you friend


Welcome and thanks for your support.

If thats actually a place on earth i so wanna go looks Amazing


This is an actual place in Dubai called the Miracle garden which opened in 2013.


looks to good to be true lol

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