life at Phuket / Thailand in the summertime is so boring

3년 전

The sea is not suitable for swimming or bathing, either you fight with the waves or with the lifeguards and sometimes you even lose the fight.
The sea is simply too rough, the current too strong.
You can walk on the beach, but the spray mixes with the fine dust from the sand and sticks to you every pore and cements every skin fold. Also not so beautiful.

Diving is not possible at all, at least not from the beach. Even if you get over the breakers unharmed, you dive into a medium snowstorm.

The only thing you can do during the day are long walks on the beach.
But there are also interesting things to see.
On the surface it may be only mud, but this mud lives.

And if you want to watch these fast animals in their own time:

Here you can see very clearly how poor Thailand still is. Even the small crabs can only afford only one scissor.

These videos are only a few seconds long.
I wanted to use them as GIFs,
but I couldn't upload the GIFs.

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Well quite rough for sure but the views are insanely amazing no worries the fight will get better with currents ;p