Travel Diary Part 2 - Holland

4년 전

Goodmorning my beautiful best friends!

I arrived yesterday in the afternoon to my home town, The Netherlands (Holland).

I grew up in Holland and spend most of my childhood there, I then moved to Spain wih my mom and didn't come back.

4 years have past since the last time I was here. I woke up this morning feeling super happy and good! I will be staying here for 6 days and will also visit my family 😊

This morning I had something very dutch for breakfast, I had "Een Boterham Met Pindakaas". It means "A Sandwich With Peanutbutter".

Reunited with my country😍🙌🏽🇳🇱

This was my view from the plane. ✈️

Houses in Holland. 🏡

The view when I arrived home yesterday. 🌅

My breakfast from this morning. (Boterham met pindakaas). 🥪

Questions of the day:
• Where are you from?

•Have you ever visited Holland?

• Do you like travelling in general?

I hope you guys have an amazing day and don't forget to ALWAYS smile! 😊

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@donnarodriguez first of all, your all pics are so beautiful. I love to visit Holland. Amsterdam is my dream country. My friend is living there and whenever we talk on video calling , he showed me the beauty of his town. May be i will visit next year to Holland. If we become good friends @donnarodriguez may be we meet. By the way, I'm living in Dubai.