St Catherines' palace Russia

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My wife and I love to travel. One of our favorite cruises was the Baltic cruise that departs from Denmark. As expected Germany, Finland, Sweden and Estonia were incredible, but I must admit that when we visited Russia I expected the people to be standoffish and cold. Nothing could have been further from the truth! St. Petersburg was absolutely breath taking and the people were warm. Moreover the history and art that we encountered were almost beyond belief. Our most treasured memories center around Catherines' palace. Our guide on this tour was an English professor at a local university, whom we absolutely loved. If you are looking for an incredible experience, and love art and history, this is the cruise for you!!

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SPB is my second home, my partner is from there and we spend half of our time there. I wrote a little bit about travelling in SPB if you want to to check it out. I will follow you for more great photos!


An absolutely incredible city, I envy you. I would love to go back right now! Thanks for your comment. The museums were incredible and thanks for suggesting more photos, we have plenty. I will most certainly check out your link.

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Awesome photos! Upvoted ! Would you please upvote / resteem my trip to Basel Switzerland? Thanks :)


Already Done and thanks!