Why hike up if there is another option?

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Swiss Alps.

Why hike up if there is another option? You can get up the hill much faster in this little cable car. :) it is small and only for 2 person but still an adventure.

After our ride up we had to walk up the next hill to our first stop where we had an amazing view.

Far away you can see the Vierwaldstädtersee near Luzern.

We walked around 2 hours and passed by pretty nice spots to sitt down and enjoy the sun and fresh air. You will find marks on stones im red/white that show you the way and of course some signs.

To imagine that there are people that climb up cliffs like that is amazing.

I would recommend you to use good walking shoes and sports clothes. It happened quickly and you make a mistake and fly down the cliff!

Thanks for reading my short post.

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