Under the sea in the Philippines!

3년 전

Exploring the deep coral trenches 

To find the secrets under the ocean, you need to look very, very, very closely.

Marine creatures range in size from microscopic organisms to well over 50 feet in length.

When you look at one fish in its habitat and to other creatures within that habitat,

 you begin to see the inner workings of an amzing marine ecosystem.

Secrets under the sea, oh ya!

Into the water with @elijahgentry

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Amazing photos and great post ! :) If you upvote my posts i will up vote yours all time :D

Be careful for the things that bite! Lol


Yes please be careful.



I love your underwater photos.



I can see that is Elijah's hair hehe

Okay I'm jealous. Have fun kids.

Nice post.

It reminds me of the amazing underwater of Sabang. There are also beautiful coral reefs.

Amazing Ariticle, i like it... I hope the article can you help me to find out about the world steemit more depth

This is a great site to see under water and its creatures are amazing

Wow amazing

Wow.. wonderful photo on the sea my friends @elijahgentry .
Yours post is so beautiful..
You are The best traveler..

I really interest with your post..
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And help me too..please.

Thanks you a lot..
Best regard to you.

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water is clear ,,, look beautiful in the water. good post friends ,,, upvote my blog friend ya

Stunning view! I wish I'd take a picture of myself like that someday, coz I haven't tried that underwater. It's an awesome post from an amazing guy. God bless you @elijahgentry. :)

Wow, that looks so fun...

Amazing blog and wonderful photography @elijahgentry. Upvoted, commented, and re-steemed.

Hi friend, regards, you have my vote, I hope to have yours. Thank you