Under the water in the Philippines!

2년 전


Peering into the underwater magic. 

It looks unreal, like a different world. 

With each turn of my head I see something new and amazing! 

 Life is best, when I am under the water, oh ya!

Into the water with @elijahgentry

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Well, I can only imagine how cool it all looks underwater!



I wish to go.

I like your underwater photo, good capture and post.

its a great post...and the photography is so nice...@upvote

Nice perfomance

Diving in Phillipines is amazing. A lot of island to explore. Sharks turtles snakes... Wow..love it. Most excited was divinf in Moalboan and OSLOB...

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What a good sport, it is exciting to be under the water and enjoy those 45 0n 50 minutes in the depths, I did scuba diving a long time ago but unfortunately I was robbed of everything in the car team, thanks for your publication and I will be your follower, I will be aware of your publications, is the way to support us in this social network, I invite you to visit my publications and comment, I hope to also have your support

Yes, I can concur ♦♦ One of the BEST vacations I ever had was in #HAWAII snorkeling !

I captured some good photos for myself, too.

Aww , now i wish i could swim 😂😉😉

Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted and resteemed.

Cool underwater selfie @elijahgentry!

Interesting place

The view under the water is very beautiful.nice post thanks for sharing.