Monk camp in forerest behind temple.

2년 전

Was driving around and passed this very nice temple that I went in and looked around but noticed that there were no living quarters on the premises as there usually is so asked one of the young apprentices where they lived and he pointed to a forest some away from the road behind the temple.

Picture 1087.jpg

My curiosity bid me to go and have a look and about a km into the forest they had this camp set up.

Picture 1093.jpg

Some had done more to their homes than others for sure as you can see on the next pictures.

Picture 1095.jpg

This one must be so hot at day and very noisy in the raining season.

Picture 1088.jpg

A straw one like this one I guess is much more comfortable.

Picture 1089.jpg

Quite a number of different designs to choose from.

Picture 1098.jpg

Different styles and materials.

Picture 1097.jpg

No luxury or unnecessary stuff.

Picture 1100.jpg

Just a place to sleep and have the few belongings.

Picture 1092.jpg

Guess they charge their mandatory smartphone in the temple.

Picture 1091.jpg

Pictures taken with a Canon DIGITAL IXUS i

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Love it. I wish I could travel again. Thanks for sharing this. If only we led simple lives like this in the US. They probably have solar panels for their cellphones. lol. I bet after a hard day at the monastary, they get home and order Thai or chinese delivery, brought to them by motorscooter, and paid for with litecoin. lol. Sometimes it gets boring, so they mix it up and order mexican and pizza hut, lol.


Thank you.
Some of them walk around the villages in the morning where you can see them walk around with their bucked on their stomach and people also bring to the temple. As I have understood it, they are not allowed to eat after midday, but could be wrong about that.

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