Krasavino. Maletino

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All neighborhoods in the city of Krasavino are the names of the former neighboring villages, which were later attached to the urban area.

Maletino is also a former village, which is located in the low-lying part of the city, near the banks of the Northern Dvina River. Due to the proximity to the river in this neighborhood often floods occur, which means that the foundations of houses are suffering.

The housing stock of Maletino consists of classic boxes – wooden two-storey houses of apartment type.

Some houses look good, but only in appearance.

And some houses look a bit scary.

The layout and landscaping of the yards in Maletino is quite typical.

Two quarters are separated by a small moat.

In the middle passes under the ground heating line.

On all the streets there are leaning pillars.

Open pipes in excellent condition.

Around the neighborhood and inside the courtyards grow birch trees. This gives a special atmosphere to this place.

But the pillars would necessary to fix it.

All without exception!

Near the abandoned well there is a wasteland. I suspect that here once stood the same house, but it either burned down or was demolished as dilapidated housing. Although the houses are all about one year of construction.

I found in this quarter one atypical barrack with balconies. Balconies look at the main street, from here they are not visible.

There are driveways everywhere, but there are very few cars here, as in everything Krasavino.

In one of the courtyards palm trees "grow".

By tradition, I have to show a barn with a length of two houses. There is such!

In Maletino cozy and comfortable enough. But after Communal, where the real barracks stand on a height difference, there is no longer a feeling of uniqueness. I have already seen the neighborhood of Maletino in many other places.

Here everything is as in any village or outskirts of the city of North-West Russia.

Distinctive features are, but they are minimal and insignificant in value.

And I went further to study the microdistricts of the city Krasavino. Unique impressions are waiting for me again.

To be continued...

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I find it interesting how all the houses are very similar to each other. I dare to say that they are the same. Those pillars look dangerous and they indeed need that someone repairs them but I assume there is no money for such repairs. It's the same in Slovakia. Big players take all the money from the budget and for such things there is nothing left.

I am not surprised that there are no cars seeing all the snow on the road. It must be so dangerous to drive there. Is this fresh snow or it's simply never cleaned?

I like that there is so much snow. It looks very nice. Although this village is definitely not perfect, you gave it something magical in your photos.

Thank you for sharing!


The road is cleaned regularly, there are always a lot of snow in our area. You can drive there on a normal passenger car and it is quite safe. For me, this is quite ordinary landscapes.

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This village does look very creepy in your photos and the text adds to the feeling. The leaning pillars increase the effect. Are they leaning because the land freezes and thaws?

I looked this place up in google maps and it sure is remote. I can see why the houses get flooded with the big river so close.

I also noticed what looked like terracing on the local terrain. Was this place for mining or forestry at one time?

Thank you for such an interesting peek at a place few of us get to see. There is not one photo on google maps from anywhere near here, and certainly no street view!


The pillars have leaned from old age or due to washing away of the soil as a result of flooding.

In our area, people are mainly engaged in logging or farming.
Take a look at other posts about this place.


I did that last night. You have such a great style that coincides with this place. It is amazing how life hangs on. I would have like to see the crazy people swimming in the hole shaped like a cross :)

  ·  2년 전

Пальмы под снегом - вообще :DDD. Очень классный проект делаешь - респект бро!


Спасибо за поддержку)

Every shot is a postcard. This town looks like taken out of a film noir story. So cozy and yet mysterious with all that snow.
Have you posted images taken during the day? Those must be awesome.
Amazing place, indeed. I would not live there, though. It looks like people can get in a lot of trouble in case of emergencies, especially medical emergencies, amid such cruel winter.

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