Beef Bacon Cheese Lettuce Tomato Onion Bun Hamburger With Fries In California

4년 전

The Burgers Are Hearty In California

What a hearty burger this is! You can't help but love these monster burgers with everything on them. Southern California is known for their  awesome burgers. There is every combination that you can think of. No matter which burger shack you go to, you will find that perfect burger. 

So come on down to where the action is, in Southern California. Be sure to catch one of their yummy lunches.  The fries are some of the best! And those burgers just can't compare. So come on down South for a real California burger adventure.

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looks delicious!

Hamburgers are one of the seven culinary wonders of the modern world.

I am ready for breakfast but this makes me hungry :-). Looking good. Also love the photos

burgers are the food that many people love and I really like the burgers

it's so taste!


Thanks ziggypepper.

looks good for the mouth .... from kryptonia@everdope

The burgers are huge and look very tasty and yummy.....I enjoy eating burgers here in my country
@bitcoinpaul #kryptonia


California burgers are huge and yummy @airsoftman.

Loooks yummy

yummmmm, this post makes me hungry :)


Glad you enjoyed @tonygo.

I'm craving. 🙄


Glad you are wanting to eat a California burger @avon.grace.

These burgers look huge and so yummy.

They are so huge and yummy. I cant resist my cravings for burgers. Read, upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion

My all time favorite..

Oh! That is just mouth-watering burger you have, Sir!!!! It is a treat, especially coupled with those crispy french fries (I imagine). If only California is just inches away. Hahaha! :)

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Burger heaven.

Nice post-
Robhimself from Kryptonia

I loved this food because I am a food lover. Thanks Sir.

damn...would love to eat one of those...but isn't this kind of type a bit unhealthy? ;D

I would give it a try minus the bacon.