Photo of the Day ~ The Ancient City Of Nablus Today

3년 전

One Of The Oldest Cities In The World

Nablus is a major city in the Central Highlands of the West Bank.  It is part of the Palestinian Territories and  is one of  their largest cities.  Over 126,000 people call Nablus home.  There are many archaeological sites of importance going back to the time from the 1st through the 15th Centuries in the Old City.  Nablus is famous for it's kanafeh, which is a wonderful sweet that is popular throughout the area and into the whole of the Middle East. It also has a thriving soap industry. In recent years, tobacco has become a major commercial crop. 

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  ·  3년 전

Great Post! Thank you for sharing :)


Once again, thank you very much for the generosity @exploretraveler!
Thank you for sharing that amazing life of others beyond where I am now. Your efforts have earned you so much appreciation. Keep up the great work! God bless! I resteemed your post!

Great view ...nice port....Looks like a good place to visit though am worried about the security over there.


As long as you drive in the daytime away from the highway bandits it okay :-)

When I see these great posts I'm reminded that there are so many places still to see....thanks.


@healingherb the world above and below the sea really is amazing. Too bad more than one lifetime is needed to see everything. But we are trying. :-)

Thank You so much for sending me SDB 2 days ago, much appreciated.


Your welcome and we will be sending more several times per week.

Beautiful !

Nice. I love nature. @exploretraveler

Looks like buildings made from lego.. lol.

found something great in travel

Such untouched beauty, amazing.

Would love to visit this place in real life.. adding it to my wishlist! 🤣

Great image and great read about an area I would love to visit. Thanks @exploretraveler for the posts and for the SB. Looking forward to your next post.

Wonderful view, whole city situated on the mountain .


Thank you @stefen it's not the most glamorous city but it's interesting from a historic standpoint.

What I think is extremely interesting about this city is that the architecture is almost completely identical across the board. I don't know much about the city...or really anything at all but I wonder how much the leader at the time felt like everything should match with neutral coloring. It's intriguing and sad all at the same time.

Thanks for sharing!

All those tall buildings all in one place looks amazing to look at, not surer living all close and on the hill like that.

OMG .. Lots and lots of Buildings ... And all of them looks the same 😂😂
Maybe Some people will go to another person's houses instead of their own When they are drunk 😂😂😂🤣🤣
But Jokes aside the view looks awesome ... 👍🏻👍🏻

All of the building seems like same and all of the windows seems like printed circuit board Arduino

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Wow amazing looking city!

If those hills could speak, can you imagine the tales they could tell? What an amazing amount of history living amongst the modern backdrop.

Following to explore more of the wide world . :)

WOW! Thank you for the gift! Beautiful photo of the day! Keep em coming!

Outstanding post and narrative! Thank you for sharing.


You're welcome.

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love this!

Little boxes on a hillside...

Outstanding work :)