San Diego City Sunshine Is Calling Your Name

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 San Diego City: Shed The Winter Blues

San Diego City sunshine has arrived. Stow away those boots and shed those sweaters. The long winter has gone! It is time to bask in the awesome sunshine. San Diego City has warm breezes that blow off the ocean and beautiful tranquil beaches. San Diego City is calling your name! It is time to answer the call of the beach. Store up your Vitamin D and add color to your skin.  Spring has sprung in San Diego! Come celebrate with us!

San Diego is over 4,000 miles of adventure. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the West, Mexico lies to the South, The Anza-Borrego Desert  is to the North and the Laguna Mountains is to the East. San Diego has endless opportunities for adventure and fun! Spend the morning at the beach drinking in your Vitamin D.  Go for an afternoon hike in the East, where you can look down on the city that never sleeps. There are many hiking trails on the Eastern side of the city of Celebration and Fun.  Come discover adventure in the Windy City. 

San Diego has a beautiful Mediterranean climate with well over 70 miles of beaches. The warm beautiful sunny days are perfect to explore the many neighborhoods that make up San Diego City. The warm gentle breezes keep you comfortable in the sun.

Just across the San Diego Bay is the town of Coronado. This quaint historical town has some of the most romantic beaches in the county. This little town is full of tiny shops and places filled with every kind of treasure you can think of. Some of the finest and most romantic hotels are in the town of Coronado. Spend the day biking the boardwalk that surrounds the island. It is 16 miles of adventure waiting for those with a little youthful energy. There are sail boats to rent if exploring the Bay sounds fun. Take your sunscreen though, as the sun gets hot on the water. For those who like to golf, there is a large public golf course. Whatever you call fun, you will find it in San Diego. 

Every great city has a downtown and San Diego City has one of the finest. Come explore the many shops and parks within the city, including the San Diego Zoo. There are quaint shops and flashy gardens. San Diego City Historical District is living history.  Spend the day discovering the downtown urban delights of San Diego.

San Diego City is full of small sidewalk cafes. All through the downtown and in Coronado area you will see them dot the sidewalks. Take time to relax and sip a cool refreshing drink and have lunch. There are many opportunities to taste the Mexican delicacies that the area is famous for. And of course, if you desire the real thing, you can grab your passport and have dinner in Mexico or Baja California. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it in San Diego. 

Make today the day you discover all that San Diego City has to offer. Be sure to grab your passport just in case you desire to wander a little to the South. See you at the San Diego beach, we can grab a breakfast burrito like you can never imagine. These little stands are scattered throughout the beach communities. Relax, enjoy breakfast, and head for the beach. What fun there is in San Diego! 

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