The Alamo Mission In The Rio Grande Valley San Antonio Texas

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The Alamo Mission

The story of the Alamo began back in the time of the missions. During the 1700's the Mission San francisco de Solano was established. This mission was near the Rio Grande River at this time. Several times in the early 1700's the Mission was moved, until it finally was moved to the present location. 

At this time in history, a Spanish mission was so much more than a place of religion. Here they took the local indigenous peoples, making converts to the Catholic faith, and loyal members to the Spanish lifestyle. They were to become self-sufficient and loyal to Spain. These Indian converts to Catholicism became skilled farmers and raised livestock with expertise. They learned trades, so they could support themselves. The major trades were blacksmiths, stonemasons, carpentry, and weavers of cloth. These things they learned with competence, as they had a natural ability in these areas. 

During the early 1800's we see an increased threat to Spain coming from France and America. At this time the Spanish moved deeper into Texas. Mexico declared it's independence in 1821 and the Alamo Mission remained an outpost in what is now Texas. This was a time of great confusion in the land. From 1822-1835 Texas was a part of Mexico. In 1835-1836 we see the Texas Revolution. Again in 1842, we see the first of many Mexican invasions into Texas. Mexico had not given up her claim to Texas and neither had America, who wanted to annex it.  The Alamo was a major battle ground where many stood and many died. 

As the US began to gather troops in San Antonio and throughout Texas, it would trigger a response from Mexico. The Mexican war of 1846 was fought and many men would make their stand at the Alamo Mission.  Some  made their final stand at the Alamo. This was the war that would forever set the stage for life in the Southwestern United States. Annexation and Statehood would be vital for Texas and San Antonio would come to benefit greatly. 

Through the years the Alamo was used for many things. In 2013 The Alamo was returned to Texas as a Treasure, and it became, along with the other missions, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The famous letter, written by William Travis, which declared Victory or Death, made it's way back to the Alamo for the 177th Anniversary of the battle. 

As you travel the area of San Antonio, Texas, be sure to visit and remember what price was paid at "The Alamo Mission." 

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Very nice post

Amazing how a building and a land site can has such a deep significant history....


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I have visited the Alamo many years ago, very nice.


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Best place to visit! Walk walk walk. This place is for people who love to walk. From here to the river walk. Very friendly people. Good food. History and modern times mingled well when this was planned. Not often you see this with great atmosphere. Lol. But I could be biased. Visited after Harvey. Needed a break. Badly.


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