The Green-lipped Mussel From Da-Peng Bay Lagoon In Taiwan

4년 전

 Green-lipped Mussels Are Prized For Their Health Benefits And Their Beauty

These spectacular Green-lipped mussels are only able to grow in small isolated environments that have the correct and extremely unique marine conditions needed for their growth. Da-Peng Bay Lagoon in Taiwan and certain areas in New Zealand, are the main two places known to fit these unique conditions. The people living in these areas include them as a main part of their local diet. 

These extremely rare mussels are beautiful to look at and even better to eat. They are prized for their plump and juicy bodies. The Shells, even, are gorgeous.  The Green-lipped Mussels are another example of the many treasures and delicacies coming out of Taiwan.

Researchers in recent years have began to study the indigenous peoples that have stayed true to their native diet  to see if there are any differences between the same tribe that has moved inland. The only difference in the two groups was that those living by the sea, had kept their diet as it had always been. They eat a lot of Green-lipped Mussels. The main difference in their health was simply fewer joint pains and less arthritis.  

When you are traveling in Taiwan, take time to discover Da-Peng Bay Lagoon. Not only is the lagoon beautiful, but it is filled with more of Taiwan's treasures from the sea. Pack your back pack, and grab your your passport. It is time for the adventure of a lifetime. 

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I used to eat this mussel all the time.


They are sure good @pouchon.

Great, I love grilled mussels. Here in Philippines we also sautee mussels with tomatoes.

Also there's a lot of seafoods in Taiwan that I cannot see here in Philippines specially a giant lobster in aquarium in their market


I want to visit Taiwan and I will eat that and I'm from Kryptonia @ianstevenson

my favorite seafoods also, very delicious to cook this one.


They are very delicious @reatimtim.

Oh, that's what you call them - green-lipped mussels! Had these when I was in New Zealand. We just simply call it Coromandel mussels (because Coromandel is where they harvest these). They are very rich, chewy and delicious! Best way to cook these is to saute or in a soup.

Thanks for sharing this @exploretraveler. Never knew mussels are more nutrient-rich that I thought.


Yes, there are only a few places where you can find these @everydayart.

it looks good to the eyes ,, hope it will look good and tasty in the mouth..... from kryptonia @everdope


Most people agree that they are delicious @awosode.

Nice post, keep it up. Kryptonia id @chetachi26

Thanks for sharing this interesting post. Krypto id @ofili2

Delicious! 😋😋😋😋

Looks delicious 😋


They are so yummy @liyah09.

I really want to visit Taiwan after reviewing your review, thank you for sharing! upvote for u from kryptonia @ziggy


Taiwan is a wonderful place @ziggypepper.

This is a very interesting post. Kryptonia @jamescrusader

very interesting, please continue your good work. kryptonia id @grace234

Hmmmmmmp yummy, one of my favorite seafoods

i love this but im always hesitant specially when you dont know if there is red tide.

Ohh i love mussels. I love it baked, grilled or steamed. I knew it has lots of benefits aside from being delicious. We call it "tahong" in the Phils. And it is abundant in here. Upvoted, commented, resteemed by rubelynmacion

I love to eat baked mussel:) yum yum yum

I really enjoyed this post

Its called tahong in the Philippines..its so delicious😄

Upvoted and resteemed!
From jason21 of kryptonia

I would love to go to Taiwan and to eat these mussels. I love a shellfish and those look great! They have high airfare from Bangkok though. I would only go for long term - not a holiday :)

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