Warm flaky Chinese Egg Tarts With A Creamy Custard Filling In Taiwan

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Popular Mini Pies In Taiwan

What an amazing treat any day of the week. These Chinese Egg Tarts are rich, creamy, flaky, and always served warm. The basic recipe is the same, but then each baker adds their special touches. The following recipe gives you a basic idea of how these pies are made and why they are so rich. This one is from Serious Eats

Chinese Egg Tart



8 Yolks, large and 1 Egg

Baking & Spices

1 1/2 flour
1/2 tsp Cornstarch
1 cup sugar
5/8 tsp salt
1 tsp Vanilla extract


11 TBSP Butter, unsalted
2/3 Cup Heavy Cream
3/4 Cup Milk

Can you see why they are so yummy and rich? The egg yolks, the butter, and the Heavy Cream are a combination just waiting to make some of the tastiest and best Chinese Egg Tarts in town. While I did not include the complete recipe, you serious bakers can get the complete instructions off of the website www.seriouseats.com. 

And for those that want to taste the real thing, we will see you at a bakery in Taiwan. Taiwan is an island that has many different styles of food. They are famous for eating many small meals a day, rather than three main meals. That enables each person to sample many different things each day. This is only one of the many ways of making these delicious pies.  For a taste of many different varieties, grab your passport, and pack your bag. It is time to eat your way around the Island of Taiwan. 


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It is a little past midnight here in Gun Barrel City, Texas and I am no where close to Taiwan. Thanks, @exploretraveler for making me hungry for one of these pies. I don't even think we have a real bakery in town. We do have a donut shop but that is as close as we get out here. The wife made some Rice Krispy Treats so I guess they will have to do.


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This is a chinese copy of the real Pastel de Nata from portugal, they are delicious!

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