Kaptai dam


In 1960, the construction of Kaptai dam for the establishment of a hydroelectric power station resulted in the development of Karnaphuli lake. The size of artificial lake will be 292 square miles (to be square kilometer). In this lake there are intensive connections of Karnafuli, Kachalong and Maini river. image It is to be amazed to see the spread of the lake in Langdur Mainima and the expanse of Kachalong river. Here the vast waterside of the lake is fused with the sky. In Rangamati city, the lake and mountainous coexistence of the lake, which is not seen anywhere in the country. The beautiful scenery of the lake and the beauty of the green hills easily draws tourists easily and the boat travels in the lake engages anyone's mind and soul in nature. It can not be understood from the distance that nature has poured its form in the unknowable hands.

Source :http://www.rangamati.gov.bd

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