The magic of water )))))

2년 전

We have a sign.
if you drop a coin into the water (river , sea , fountain ...) in the place you visit, then you will definitely return to this place one day.
I do not know how much money I already putted in this way in the water of the world))
And yes, I know that everything is bettwen God’s hands, regardless of our wishes and coins ..
but the habit remains )) This is perhaps already like faith in Santa Claus)))
In general, I continue to pollute the reservoirs of different countries with money and do not lose hope that I will again meet with Rome, Paris, Baden-Baden, Marseille, Bilbao , Santiago and Abu-Dhabi ..
I will come back soon )))










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seeing such beautiful places is one of god's blessing too but humans can't get enough. i have done it too throwing a lot money in the water and wishing to get everything :)


Yes )) you know I saw many people who gather money from fountains in Rome Or Paris ))

its a hope .. wishes .. free mind .. everything .. when any one drop a coin into the water , he feel, maybe his/her wishes comes true ...this is called life ...
bc we everyone have some wishes ....
may Allah make your wishes true


Thank dear friend ))) I hope all ur wishes one day come true too ❤️💜💝

Wow Baby amazing Travel,,,,,,,,i come baby


I am waiting for u ))))

This is so cool!



wonderful post!



That is an interesting that I hadn't heard of before reading this post. I hope that you are able to indeed return to the places that you have left coins. That would be pretty awesome! We have a habit of picking up a small stone from places that we have visited and we mark it with where we picked it up from so we can remember later.


This is interesting too )))) to have house full of stones 😂💛 thanks for comment 🤗❤️💜

If you threw a coin in every source of Rome you would be bankrupt, there is an incredible amount of sources in that city haha! Greetings, always enjoying your work my friend. ;)


Yes )) but I must ! Another way I will not come back 😂😂 but I want !

HI, my dear friend @fedrarosi

Friend, how much do you think these are in reality. As you have been in the coin water in many places. And friends do you paint nails every day? It looks very nice to see your nails. How many days did i travel Could not visit your post correctly.
. So I'm sorry.


Where have you been ? Will we see fotos of ur trip ? 🤗😉


You get the photos. I will be freely given to your Facebook id & steemit....