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You want to know how to live my kind of life? The soft one where you don't hustle at all whether here on steemit or offline? The kind tha Keeps you on the blissful lane. Nothing gets to you.. nothing spoils your mood.. you're always just happy all the time....
Well welcome to my world.
So I said I was gonna post on my trip to uyo. So here you have it.


6am alarm woke me up. It was early on a Saturday morning.. normally you know how amazing Saturdays are supposed to be.. where you get to relax and sleep and be lazy and all.. but nope. My life is different. You don't do that any day at all if you ever wanna be successful in life. Wake up early. You know someone once told me. When you're about something, waking up becomes exciting! But when you have nothing to do with your life you become lazy n worn out every morning. That's a life of poverty.. straight up.

Lesson.1. want to be successful in life? One of the things you must cut out of your life is SLEEP!!! VERY IMPORTANT.

advice. Back to my talk.. I got up and did all the stuffs I was supposed to do that morning.. then.. my bag already packed. I left the house with my guys. We was enroute to Uyo..akwa-ibom state for a special program. Actually we was invited to sing so that was how it went..


|Pizzy'Drapstar with APK

On getting to the venue. We had to freshen up because the program already started. On getting there... Please oh.. Do you know Uyo is naked? Lol.. not really sha atleast.. they better than Benin city, Edo state. The first thing I saw was how stubborn the guys was that was staying there.. there was a sign post stating clearly.. '' please no trading here .. keep the city clean ''.. and that was the opposite of what happened..


I was blown away.. lol . Well I wasn't too surprised tho.. because c'mon. One thing I've noticed over time is that here in Nigeria.. you do the opposite of what you're told. So we got in fresh and fly.. got out .. headed to the venue.. the school Uniuyo was like a street... Well then I heard they had different campuses so I didn't Yab them too much... Lol.. we got there.. the program was lit. We closed the show with our ministration. It was fire!!!! 🔥. Then we head for our hotel rooms.


Oh did I mention that we had not eaten since we got there.. yes.. just stuffs we bought during our journey there.. so we was expecting.. but more than ever I was the sole person talking about it because the rest they be trying to form.. but me..when it's food.. I don't like forming.. so I kept saying what I wanted.. ''i want to swallow''.. I kept saying it.. the only good thing I got from these Uyo dwellers was the fact that.. they know how to serve they guest well -well oh.. they just prepare better afang soup like this.. please incase you not sure what I'm talking about.. just know you've been missing alot..come to Nigeria biko.


I had extra plates just incase I wanted more.. they was like it's better not to be able to finish it all than for it not to be enough.. so I had extra plates on ma own tray in my hotel room. It was then I started smiling again..

‎lesson no.2. Say what you want! It always works. Your words carry power that you are not even aware of it. Then if you are born again... Sorry.. your words will now carry not just power but authority too. Want tha right? Be born again!

So after tha.. I was now poised on what to watch.. surely it's gonna be football.. and I enjoyed my night.
Waking up was easy again because of the way I'd trained myself.. the room was cool due to the A.C tha had been on since the previous night. I thought of a warm bath in the jacuzzi.. very sweet.. I did all that. And now I was prepared for service.. me and my guys all gatherd in my hotel room now to rehearse before we move out to Church. It was a Sunday morning.. we did all that and then for another ministration again.. it was massive again.. me and my team.. L E G A C Y. Then finally it was time to go now... I was now thinking about food again.. then they brought jellof rice packed in take-away plates.. the kinds you buy from Kilimanjaro or Sammie's or those fast foods you know.. with crazy legs..(chicken).. I had to eat asap. I immediately entered the vehicle and started eating now before anything else. Yes I love food.. 😶.. leave me biko. I then finished it up then head back to pH city that I'd not seen in roughly two weeks now due to so many outings like this.. the other was Benin then I went to warri then Bayelsa then got back to pH for only a day before this Uyo trip.

So in essence.focus on the lessons I reiterated if you want a winning life. This is the new me y'all don't know about yet. I'm born again. I bawl in grace . I speak in tongues. I'm a Christian! And yes I'm a rapper! This is just the beginning of my new life in my music ministry. Now you know what I've been upto for the past two weeks.hmmm....what have you been upto?





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While others struggle we will tread smoothly and seamlessly...for such is the grace that is upon us


Yes oh.. no stress. God how much I detest stress!!!

nice articlebro indeed Grace is the only way and has been provided through the lamb of God. may Grace never depart from you. nice groove too. keep the steemon!


Surely. Thank you so much boss.. I appreciate!

Awwwwwww.... Amazing


You are too... 😊

my christ embassy brother, lets connect