Almost Lost everything ( Disaster Living the RV life) Keremeos British Columbia

11개월 전


I spent my labor day Monday desperately searching for someone that could help me get my camper properly back on my truck before it fell off. Being in the middle of no where right off the crows-nest highway where there were no roads or anything to indicate where I was from the main road.


As you can see, all the jacks collapsed when I was trying to recenter the camper back on the truck and now it was hanging precariously off the back of the truck way beyond the center of gravity.


Considering the camper weighs over 5000 lbs, I was surprised the truck didn't snap in half.


Eventually after trying for 5 hours I was able to find a tow truck company from Penticton that had to travel 100 kms in each direction that could assist. $400 later, the camper was back on the truck. Sadly in the process, 3 jacks were completely destroyed and will be well over $1000 to replace.

In summation, issues like this have left me feeling really vulnerable. I was glad that I had the money this time to fix the problem, but I would still be completely stranded in the middle of no where with no food or water if I did not.

In the future, I will just not use the jacks, I just hope I do not get a flat, because I cannot take the camper off, unless I replace all the jacks.


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