Winter in a truck camper ( Stuck in Cold Canada, unless the boarder opens)

10개월 전

Well I was hoping that the virus was going to turn around here, but that dose not seem to be the case. So it looks like I am stuck in the greater Vancouver Area until the end of March until I can go back to traveling around all the free public land areas that exist across BC.


I guess one of the positives is, I was able to secure a spot that is usually fully booked 5 years in advance for long term stays, but seeing none of the tourists can get into to Canada right now, It was relatively easy to get.


Being originally from the prairies, weeks of non-stop rain will take some getting use to, especially living in a 5X5 square.


But I guess when the average 1 bedroom apartment costs more than I can make in a month, I am just happy to have a place to park where I can have water and electricity and prepare for another eventual lock down of the country. I just hope COVID ends quickly - real pandemic or not, it is surely affecting my travels.

Stay tuned, hopefully I can find some entertaining things to do around town.

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